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    Section 1 - Law & Society

    Lol muh answers were: 1.a 2.c 3.c- buh i fink i got dat wrong 4.b 5.a 6.d 7.a 8.b 9.c 10.d 11.c 12.b 13.b 14.c 15.a
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    Section 2 - Crime

    I swear.. dat stupid crime section screwed me up big tym.. d 1st 2 qstns wer aiit... but d 7 mark qtsn and d 12 mrk qstn.. i jst wrote down shit.. lol.. did any1 do d same?:confused:
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    World Order

    Hey wud u plz able 2 help me wit world order as well? muh msn addy iz: thnx.
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    ahh 2006 HSC Exam

    Yh i hav neva picked up a book 4 dis subject and managed a rily gud high score.. buh does any1 noe wahs gonna b in d extended response? or d short answers?
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    ahh 2006 HSC Exam

    Yh so m I... im soooo freakin abt on friday.. I mean.. I was lookin @ d past HSC papers... nd dey wer all bloody HARD!!! Im rankin 3rd in dis class... nd d trialz nd all seemed mch easier.. OH GOD HELP ME!!! Oh well.. Been trynna study dis subject.. even though its all common sense.. buh i...
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    Wot do u think of the course?

    I luv dis course..... but it onli matters on which teacha u hav.... wetha he/she givs u work or not.... but dis course is onli a matter of common sense... and my teacha only givs us sheets and highlights the main things dat we hav 2 study... no homework!!!!lol:)