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  1. J

    CHEM1901 or CHEM1903?

    Can someone tell me if the special studies class is a lot more difficult? And how the lab work compares between the two? Is one more interesting than the other? Cheers!
  2. J

    Italian or French?

    Introductory Italian or Intermediate French? I've heard that French is bullshit at usyd...can anyone give me some advice? Is Italian any better?
  3. J

    Standard English Problems.

    you're telling me.. haha
  4. J

    Tutoring - $30/hour

    For Mathematics, Maths Extension 1, Maths Extension 2 and Standard English. Marks are in signature =] This is for all the central coast kids =] Let me know if you're interested - feel free to send me a message on facebook =] Cheers...
  5. J

    Standard English Problems.

    dude, i got a band 5. don't stress just do your best =]
  6. J

    High atar without tutor?

    i got 99.30 without ever having a tutor. so i say it's definitely possible =]
  7. J

    Parents reaction to ATAR?

    my mum spent the day crying... happy tears of course :D
  8. J

    Share your 2010 ATAR here

    99.30!!!!! wahoooooooo
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    Share your 2010 HSC results here

    Chemistry - 88 + 93 = 91 English (Standard) - 89 + 88 = 89 Mathematics Extension 1 - 97 + 97 = 97 Mathematics Extension 2 - 92 + 95 = 94 French Beginners - 98 + 96 = 97 was a tiny bit disappointed with chem, but overall i'm STOKED =] it's annoying being 1 mark of receiving a premier's award...
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    TRIALS -- Is it too late to start writing up notes?

    Hmm, in my opinion, if you think that you could get the summaries finished in time to be able to do 1 or 2 past papers for each course, then do it. Writing up my own dot point summaries for chemistry has helped me heaps in learning/memorising/understanding the material. But in saying that, you...
  11. J

    What are people up to in terms of their topics finished?

    no way is it possible to finish the ENTIRE course by term 1 - half the schools don't EVER finish the course. we have mechanics and harder ext 1 to go :)
  12. J

    The future

    hopefully ill get into psych at sydney uni :) id like to get into something like forensic psychology or something like that afteeeeer a gap year of course ;)
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    does anyone have any practice comprehensions? or know where i could get some?
  14. J

    lol hsc

    one word: trials
  15. J

    physics or chemistry

    i love chemistry =] but i agree, it requires mass amounts of memorising. which i honestly don't mind seeing as how well it scales...
  16. J

    Do HSC sciences need more maths?

    +1 hahaha its frigging annoying
  17. J

    how do you achieve band 6's in the school certificate?

    to the op: pleeease dont sacrifice your social life and spend hours and hours studying for something as pointless as the school certificate. first off, acheiving band 6s requires minimum effort - and even if you dont get all band 6s.. who cares!! the hsc is worth worrying about, not the sc...
  18. J

    Post your results here...

    fairly happy so far =D ext maths - 40/44 ... ranked 14/80+ ext 2 maths - 48/54 ... ranked 1/40+ yaaaay english - 14/15 ... ranked 1/50+ chemistry - hopefully 30+/35 french - no tests =]
  19. J

    for those doing 10 units...

    the way i see it is... doing and extra subject, means a whole extra set of assessments, and a lot less time to prepare for all of them.:jaw: i'm doing 10 units, and picked them based on what i did really well in, in year 11, and the ones i enjoy of course. theres no point of having "back...