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  1. mira.mourad

    What's your blood group?

    Be Positive :haha:
  2. mira.mourad

    what are you craving atm?

    Cherry Ripe
  3. mira.mourad

    hey i was just joking and i knida figured out that you were new to this :)

    hey i was just joking and i knida figured out that you were new to this :)
  4. mira.mourad

    Favourite Spread?

    Banana with Nutella and Hundreds and thousands sprinkled on top:haha:
  5. mira.mourad

    facebook and study, what do you think???

    personally Facebook and Study don't mix. When i was doing my HSC it did affect my study so I banned myself from Facebook. The ban went for 8 months straight. :headbang:
  6. mira.mourad


    I Downloaded the theme song and listen to it every now and then. I used to watch it everyday and would get really upset if i missed an episode:o
  7. mira.mourad

    UNSW 2010 Rollcall

  8. mira.mourad

    them Sydney Trains moments

    Re: them cityrail moments Damn me too:haha:
  9. mira.mourad

    Do u write or type ur study notes?

    I typed and wrote my notes
  10. mira.mourad

    27 dresses

    Same here. i absolutly love it My fav Quote "What colour is that? Vomit?" :lol:
  11. mira.mourad

    Subtitles a good thing or bad?

    I always watch movies with subtitles and get quite frustrated if they aren't there.
  12. mira.mourad

    How many words can you write in an 40 minute essay?

    For english I write approx 1500 words in 40 mins, although I write pretty fast and its readable
  13. mira.mourad


    You can go to the Asian stores. they have plain ones that you can decorate yourself or ones that are already done
  14. mira.mourad

    When do you sleep?

    I usually sleep at 1am and wake up at 7am.
  15. mira.mourad

    belonging texts

    I used an image from the picture book "The Red Tree" by Shaun Tan. The image was titled "Nobody Understands". It was a great related because you can interpret it in many different ways. hope this helps. good luck
  16. mira.mourad

    What should I drop...?

    If I were you I would drop Maths extension or Physics..... or perhaps both because I have no idea how you're going to cope.
  17. mira.mourad

    What should I drop...?

    Chemistry - 82% [63], 1/7 (A) Economics - 85% [64], 2/8 (A) English Advanced - 76% [68], 6/15 (B) English Extension 1 - 80% [79], 5/10 (B) Legal Studies - 84% [64], 1/5 (A) Mathematics - 88% [50], 1/11 (A) Mathematics Extension 1 - 67% [69], 2/3 (B) Physics - 73% [63], 2/7 (C) If I were you I...