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    does anyone have past papers in the new format?

    pretty plz! i need this :<
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    past papers?

    does anyone have/know where to get past papers for subjects like ancient and legal where there has been a recent sylb change?
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    uac medicine what do i do ?

    what unis should i apply for in nsw and which ones need another application on their website??
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    real functions and relations and function??

    are these the same thing ? and if not what is real functions in fitzpatricks 2 u course for yr 11 and 12??
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    series question.

    find the values of all pronumerals if these series are geometric d) 1/4,t,1/9 e)y,2,6
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    Past papers question!!

    derp thx
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    Past papers question!!

    hey there i have the hsc success book with the solutions thingo but it dosent tell me the questions which are for trigonemetric functions and for sequence and series does anyone have a list of the questions or would be able to go through some of the past papers to tell me which questions are for...
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    narrative marking and response ?

    hey i was woundering if anyone would be able to read my narrative?
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    is anyone free to look at my belonging essay.?

    umm ok sure , msg me your email x.x
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    is anyone free to look at my belonging essay.?

    hey there just woundering if anyone was free to look at my belonging essay. i had another one but my teacher kept sending it back and saying there are problems so instead of using that i used the good paragraphs from it and added another related text ( from my assignment which i got full marks...
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    ADVICE!!: laptop choice!

    hey guys, i need help choosing a good laptop which is at thee 600$ mark ( abit above is ok) which can be used for gaming whilst being easy to move around. plish help me fanx :3!!
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    Help Julia Gillard fix our problems

    woouldnt this be better as a polll...? and also i think it would solve all these problems if we just kick her and reinstate rudd :D
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    what international laws/conventions/anything relate to people smuggling ??

    anyone know ive been searching all night but nothing !!
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    Anyone burn out yet??

    Well im not really working hard in the holidays i just mean im doing some work in the holidays ( so far just did my notes for all subjects ) but ive also gone out alot so yea im enjoying my holiday :). haha med hopeful ova here ^^
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    Anyone burn out yet??

    So its 1 term into the hsc. ive worked full on and hard out. so far im still working hard even through the holidays and have not burnt out. has anyone burnt out yet? even temporarily ( therefore having free holidays or something).
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    when does school start??

    thats pretty much how i though it would be.
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    when does school start??

    hey does anymore know when school starts exactly ?? the bored of studies website says 29th, then there is 1 day of development so we start 30th?? then isnt the first day ( the 30th ) only yr 12 and 7 then yr 8-10 start 31st or is it 29th we start only yr 12 and 7 then 30th is everyone