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  1. tyzzefloro

    UNSW 2015 Sem 2 Results Thread

    LOl sees everyone else's results ... proceeds to delete posted personal marks
  2. tyzzefloro

    UNSW 2015 Sem 2 Results Thread

    I just got my results, i failed macroeconomics.
  3. tyzzefloro

    2015 Sem 2 Finals Thread

    Finished on the 12th all i've been doing is working, eating, sleeping and watching tv shows.
  4. tyzzefloro

    UNSW Commonwealth Bank of Australia Women in Engineering Scholarship

    This is how it goes I think. One UNSW scholarship office worker reads your application then if its good, this person takes it to a big meeting with the head of scholarships and others (maybe donors). There in that meeting they put you up against other applicants that have made it through to this...
  5. tyzzefloro

    am I weird

    Just finished my first year of uni. Have not learnt anything. I miss the HSC where you could enjoy the humanities.
  6. tyzzefloro

    UNSW Business Infomation Systems Co-op Interview Tips

    one tip. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DO BIS?? YES OR NO. Legit heaps of this years BIS coops hate it and heaps have already dropped out and have been replaced.
  7. tyzzefloro


    Definitely air for university, if you have a desktop computer already!! I purchased one half way through this year and omagawdd best decision ever. Posting from it right now.
  8. tyzzefloro

    Drop or Not?

    Just focus on improving your writing skills for modern, the content is easy to glaze over and pick up key points/ pieces of info, stats names etc that you can drop into your responses. TBH 2 sections of the modern paper is written and regurgitated info > personality + WW1. For eng ext, you just...
  9. tyzzefloro

    Have I chosen the right subjects?

    You can achieve 99+ with any combination of subjects.
  10. tyzzefloro

    ATAR ESTIMATE (Desperate for an estimate)

    78-84 Gratz on finishing hope you smash IPT.
  11. tyzzefloro

    Atar estimation

    70-75 Gratz on finishing!!