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    You should have taken notes. Use the search function, there's plenty uploaded.
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    Would u still do English

    Oh lol, ENTER is the ATAR equivalent in Victoria or something. Would still do English I reckon, as horrible as it is.
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    math question, not sure how to categorise it sorry

    dr/dt = 0.5cm/s SA of Sphere = 4(pi)r2 dA/dr = 8(pi)r dA/dt = dA/dr x dr/dt = 8(pi)rx 0.5 = 4(pi)r r=24, dA/dt = 96pi
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    History and Memory

    People tend to just analyse the lyrics instead of the MUSIC as a whole. You're going to have to talk about dynamics such as modulations, crescendoes, pitch, tone, tempo, volume, and playing styles (eg rubato, Tempo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).
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    lol well thanks for noticing the hard work I put in, I'm glad you find it to your taste

    lol well thanks for noticing the hard work I put in, I'm glad you find it to your taste
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    Bah I'm noob. I need technique-related help!

    A bit hard giving you the right technique when you won't post some quotes.
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    Poem on power!

    google famous poets and pick ones whose names sound interesting, have a read.
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    CAFS SURVEY- help needed in answering?

    I'm ok with helping. If only I knew with what though.
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    Advice on creative writing and essays anyone?

    She missed 4 words: Be interesting and sophisticated.
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    Chem textbook - which one?

    Epic fail.
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    Chem textbook - which one?

    All textbooks are going to be in the $60+ range. Or at best, $55
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    Chem textbook - which one?

    Conquering Chemistry, though good in most parts, is devastatingly wrong and absolutely irrelevant in a fair few parts (eg its spiel about acid rain etc, while valid, are not the only ways of forming acid rain. And sulfurous acid is not the only by product. It's part about ammonia in the chemical...
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    exams how do you overcome the anxiety

    Breathe. Talk to a "friend" (person) you know that is an asshole. They'll happily oblige when asked to tell you to calm the f*ck down - and other associated attacks of character. This works very well. Anger management. Let it out. Get a pillow and chuck it around (I have some sort of wool...
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    What is it called when....

    Textual references? Well integrated use of language forms and features?
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    Terry Lee cheat sheets

    Yes. Why?
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    How can i b a mathz pro???

    If you decide using the textbook is best for you, go buy Cambridge or Fitzpatrick. If you're using Maths in Focus, you're dead. Go over those practice papers. And do more exercises to learn the formulas. Write them out when you're using them.
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    Calculating Altitude

    I've been sitting here for 15 minutes trying to plonk in numbers and they're making no sense to me. Help. Please.
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    Number of textbooks

    Oh man, here we go: English: nothing 2u Maths: Jones & Couchman Fitzpatrick Excel Cambridge Coroneos Maths in Focus 2u maths past papers 1976-1993 Mathematics Association HSC past papers (the red book) 3u Maths: Fitzpatrick Cambridge Fundamental Mathematics ie Terry Lee Coroneos Success One...
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    short story - mark me.

    1) Work on paragraphing. People were turned off by that big first chunk. In all seriousness, you have 2000 things going on in that paragraph, eg this: Weeee I’m flying, look, look, everybody, look at me fly. I turn a corner, how did I do that? I enter into a room full of other minions like...