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    hi 5 for port stephens!

    lol, wow, so there are ppl going to port stephens! well, we're staying in a hotel and theres about 8 of us girls going up... we just wanted to have some time to chill and enjoy our last days together (you all know how hard it is to keep in touch after school)... but beach parties sound...
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    did section 2 on this... yeh, section 3 was an easy question but if the question was easy, it just means you will have to compete with heaps more ppl and be heaps better than them to differentiate yourself from the rest... nyhu, i wrote waaayyy too much for this section... had to use two of...
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    i did 9 pages on paul of tarsus for section 3, but im not sure if it'll do any good, cos i had to research half the stuff myself the week before the exam... hopefully it was good enough, but i just didnt want to do sexual ethics for judaism... too general and although it is easy, it means you...
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    Society Exam Section Ii

    omg, 8 pages? Ahhh... not cool... i only wrote 5 pgs per essay... then again my writing's pretty small...
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    yeh, i noe this comes a bit late, but i didn't like the exam either... maybe if i studied more it would've been better, but alas, i listened to my math teacher and studied 2U instead... yeh, continuity and change = weird... it was worded strangely and did it mean continuity and changes of...
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    Industrial Chemistry (Equilibrium model)

    yeh, i wrote about the dichromate/chromate one too... if it asked for a first-hand investigation it definitely means write about the experiment you did in class and it was a model because you could qualitatively see how equilibrium works... the only other experiment i can think of that we did in...
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    how far away are you from completing your PIP?

    yeah, my teacher worries about us heaps so she's making sure we get it all done way before its due so she can correct it heaps! that probably means we won't do too well if she's not that confident! we'll see good luck guys!
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    Need a bit of help with something

    i think its fantastic you've tried to steer away from the typical topics chosen, but i have to admit, this will be a tricky one. however, it does fit into the S&C concepts as magician (or witches) was a stereotype, if you, like, in primitive times. They could even equate to the "nerds","goths"...
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    overdone pip ideas

    depression and mental disorders are really prominent and definitely overdone, but thats not to say that the people who do these topics get a bad mark for their PIP. It really depends on what angle you take on it and how you've written it.
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    2 cross-cultural components?

    yeh, i agree wif noir. u should only have one major one in your PIP but you can always make casual reference to the other one if it assists in discussing your topic. however, if you don't NEED two, you shouldn't really do two cos it really will get difficult. e.g. in my PIP, i'm doing rites of...
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    how far away are you from completing your PIP?

    well, i HAVE to finish writing my draft this week because our final draft is due in this friday! done all my research, i've already written one chapter and plan on doing two more this weekend as well as the last two during the week. I've already done my log, intro and annotated bibliography. BUT...
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    focus group - please participate!

    yeh, i get what you mean about the negative connotations associated with schoolies week. i myself am going to schoolies, but instead of heading up to queensland, a few close friends of mine and i are going up to nelsons bay. i don't see it as a rite of passage as i dont feel im actually gaining...
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    focus group - please participate!

    thanks for that guys! , well my final draft for my PIP is due next week, so i guess i'd better wrap things up... so here's my last question! Do you believe schoolies week is a rite of passage? Is this seen positively by society and does this opinion detract from its significance? i know...
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    What A Random Course::help!!!

    yeh the excel book has all this extra stuff that you don't REALLY need to know... but our teacher keeps it and photocopies the important bits, which helps! heinemann is a fantastic textbook (then again, its the only one i've used FULLY) but its gotten me through the prelim course with flying...
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    results in half yearlys

    yeh i got 45/50 - 90%... but i came first in my class, so i guess thats always good! hehe... well good luck for the rest of the year
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    focus group - please participate!

    THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!! guys who are already in this focus group, feel free to comment on other people's comments! you can criticise as much as you want! (it's virtually anonymous!) but lets keep it PG ok!! hehe... thanks again for participating! keep the conversation going!!! jo~an
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    Can You Do My Questionnaire Please!

    Questionnaire Age: 17 Sex: FEMALE 1.What sorts of media are you exposed to daily? [X]Television [X]Internet [ ]Newspapers [ ]Magazines [X]Radio 2.a)Do you think the media has a great influence on body image? [X] Yes [ ] No b) Why? whether we like it or not, the media presents the 'ideal'...
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    focus group - please participate!

    thanks heaps for your participation! you present an interesting point! please keep checking this forum for updates guys and feel free to comment on other people's comments... it'll help get a discussion going... another question guys, do you think that there is one common rite of passage for...
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    focus group - please participate!

    thanks for joining! since not many other people are joining, i guess i'll write my next question: Do you believe that the 18th birthday has lost its significance in Australian society as a rite of passage for adolescents (i.e possibly due to priveliges, such as alcohol, being experienced...
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    focus group - please participate!

    Just an extension on my previous question then... do you think that because a rite of passage is described as a "rite" that the event can be identified by a particular ritual or tradition... or can a rite of passage be informal? please feel free to give reasons! thanks again guys!