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    Motorsports Events

    i recommend you try out some advance driving courses i've been through stage 1 and 2 of Ian Luff courses at Oran park. you bring your own car and get to learn how it reacts in certain situations. course 1 is a bit dry at times but its a mandatory course do a search online for its website and...
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    What tires do you use?

    oooh tyres in the past ive experimented with pirelli p nero zero (not bad when new in the dry...really crap otherwise) falken ziek (utter shithouse!) im just running on shitty tyres atm because the secondhand rims i bought came with it. i recently purchased a pair of bridgestone re050's which...
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    so you never heard of a supra without turbo's?
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    What Cars does everyone drive??

    haha now thats a quality car! i got the is200 :p
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    auto or manual

    ive got a sports organic clutch fitted to the car and well in traffic its a BITCH
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    Most ANNOYING things when Driving

    i dont mind so much as stupid drivers, coz theres stupid people everywhere just the inconsiderate ones that dont give a thank you wave when i let them in a lane
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    What's wrong with me...? Am I just jealous?

    a case of the pot calling the kettle black?
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    What's wrong with me...? Am I just jealous?

    cbf;ed reading all of it but lets just race each other :D for slips bro yeh make sure we all have neons too so we looks real h4rdc0re and make sure we have subs to weigh out cars all down so we dont fly when we launch so hard with our huge gt wings on the back. make sure half naked girls are...
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    Your dream car

    Re: Favourite Car GT40 nuff said
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    holden commodore vr [SMKSHW]

    yeh its sounding more and more like a bluff prove me wrong!
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    Window Tinting- any good places in Sydney, Hills preferably.

    everything can be done..for a price if you wanted that sort of install, suggest it and ask for a quote
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    holden commodore vr [SMKSHW]

    cool post some pics! is that your car in your avatar? looks like an is200. :thumbsup:
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    qn about diesel motors

    just get your fuel from a big servo brand, eg caltex shell bp mobil. i stay away from independent ones even if they are cheaper
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    Airbag for your crotch!

    some valid points raised, i reckon when you get in an accident on a motorcycle id be more concerned about flying off the deathtrap
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    Airbag for your crotch! about time! hehehe
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    1j for the volvo?

    With regards to how much it will cost, source all the parts add them together, then add another $5g on top jsut in case if anything goes wrong (most of the time it will). ANyway you should visit Toymods and have a look around there (in addition to turbobricks). Theres is good information...
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    getting head unit separately

    you should be charged at most $50 for an install of HU.better yet, get a friend that knows his stuff and buy him a pizza or something
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    1j for the volvo?

    Haha touche! 200 for megasquirt! Is it suitable for all engines? and who are some [good] tuners in sydney? yeh, i think haltech/motec and all stand alone ecu's are a bit overpriced for normal street usage, i was probably going to use emanage - i found a really good tuner who does it the ol...
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    1j for the volvo?

    holy crapola 1j in the volvo! just a question and please dont take this offensively..why?! if its to be unique then yeh thats alright but if you are getting into serious motorsport then i dont think its a wise option. there are better conversions available for a well balanced car. i dont...
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    First Car Aspirations

    na supra's arent too expensive. you get get a 2jz ge, jza80 for 20 at the utmost so with careful looking and taking your time, 15k isnt out of the question what is your budget??