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    Dangerous dogs and stuff

    Lol, probably only good because it was mixd with the bull arab and pitbull. German Shepherds are not even pig dogs, yet I reckon they'd handle themselves better. CASE CLOSED.
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    Dangerous dogs and stuff

    Don't get all defensive hahahaha. Those dogs are fucking useless tbh, only a dero cunt such as yourself would go for one. (NO DISRESPECT INTENDED)
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    Dangerous dogs and stuff

    Lol, staghounds? You've gotta be fucking kidding. Their useless cunts, my friend has one and even he thinks there dero cunts. Based on experience I'm telling you, no dog comes close to a German Shepherd, those dogs are peculiarly humane, they've got more intelligence then some people lol. No dog...
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    Just another Gang Rape Case in Sydney

    lol @ katie_tully you are a fucking joke. im a teen bloke and believe me the way a girl goes out, dresses and acts 100% does increase the chance of something occuring. Now im not saying that it increases the chance of her getting raped or that she deserved it, but i am speaking from experience...
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    'Gang Lifestyle' in Sydney.

    You, Madam Disgust me.
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    'Gang Lifestyle' in Sydney.

    But what if he had a foreskin? Would he still be worthy in your perspective?
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    'Gang Lifestyle' in Sydney.

    Lol, by the way just in-case you didn't know, one white guy was shot to death.
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    'Gang Lifestyle' in Sydney.

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    'Gang Lifestyle' in Sydney.

    THE first thing Tevita Taufahema - Rowdy to his mates - saw when he woke up every morning at home was a target which hung from the curtain rail in his bedroom. In his Parramatta Two Blues footy bag under his bed was a rifle and two shotguns - one an Italian-made single barrel, the other...
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    Michael Jackson Dead

    Where is your proof that he 'fucked' kids? Do you have any legitimate evidence to support your accusations. Oh and the fucking media doesn't count you fucktard. Grow up and stop swallowing what the media gives you you twit. By the way, go and do your H.S.C before you come on here with your...
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    Michael Jackson Dead

    Could not of said it better myself.
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    Is rape actually as heinous as its made out to be?

    To the O.P what doco were you referring to? the beyond the darklands one? If you are, I obviously sympathize for the female victims, but seriously some of them are fucking degenerate. She got asked to go smoke some weed at night time with 5 blokes who she described as being sus. This is...
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    Where do you reckon is the best suburb to live in Sydney?

    Campbelltown braaa esshhhhhhhhhhh.
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    Why do Bad Boys Always get the girls?

    Because bad boys are the only type who can get you bitches to put out.
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    A current Affair vs Today Tonight. - Which show is equivalent to sh*t?

    Lol, in saying that though I'd still give it to her. And in my case, I haven't rated any of the programs since I did the 'telling the truth' module in English for the hsc. But the general public doesn't give a shit, its entertainment they want. And if that is gained through lies and bullshit, so...
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    o.O lady gaga is a hermaphrodite!!!!

    Get back to studying for the hsc. :)
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    I make $400 a day begging

    Must of been a fucking jew. You know the begging and all. :)
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    Animal cruelty is the same as racism.

    No offence dude that is the ugliest/shittest dog out, might as well of got a fucking Poodle. Why not get a German Shepherd? There is nothing that your Deerhound can do, that a German Shepherd can't do better. But Hey, that's just my opinion.
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    What does feminism mean to you?

    They must have been ugly, because lets face it no hot chicks do IT. Period.
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    Daughter urged to bash disabled teen

    Don't know if this has been posted so here it is; A MOTHER who shouted at her daughter to hit and kick a disabled teenage girl and then posted footage of the attack on MySpace has pleaded guilty. The woman admitted to her role in the 30-minute attack in Melbourne in January that left the girl...