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    Id Advice

    make sure you learn the signature! then they have no way of proving its not u :D
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    Schoolies in the media

    how cool if sydney had ared frog crew....mmmmmm red frogs....they were fucking awsome
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    The 'CLUBs' Guide (sydney)

    star bar is good for cheap drinks...very sleazy and gay otherwise... 3 wise monkeys has good live music - very good pub i think.... milk, on oxford st...very good atmosphere, though doesnt get good till about 1am, rnb music ummmmmmmm bondi hotel is good to chillax.....u meet lots of funny...
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    Option: DSS

    i thought DSS was one of the best parts to the exam... :D intelligent agent was in the catholic trial paper....and i still forgot wat it was!! but other than that...i thought it was fair...
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    how hard did YOU think it was?

    i also found it quite hard...some bits were easy....a lot of people thought it was so easy :s
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    IPT HSC 2005: General Thoughts

    multimedia option questions always screw me over grr.... decision support system option was greattttt overall....question 23 was the best!!!! multiple choice i found quite hard...i hate analysing so many graphs for one mark...such a waste of time was a pretty fair exam i found...
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    The "OMG I've Finished the HSC" thread

    WOOOOOOOOOO I finshed today with IPT!!!!!!!!!1 now its time to partayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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    Religious affiliation

    I'm a good lil' Jew :rolleyes:
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    The Health of Young People

    the 15mark question depended on what concepts u studied....i ahppened to talk about those points u mentioned but my other option was body image... it depended on what 2 options u studied...i thought health of the young had great questions! in comparison with sports med although it turns out what...
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    Byron, First Week (26th Nov - 19th Dec) Roll Call

    me n a few girls n staying at byron bay village 1st week.... soo excited :)
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    Byron 19th to 26th (Very First Week Only)

    i'm gonna be in byron bay village...10mins walk from that near any1? gonna be there 19th-26th with a few girls...
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    What do you think you got?

    with a few marks here n there....and a bit of scaling there and here...i'm hoping 75-80 and i'll be happy... :rolleyes: :cool:
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    option: sports medicene

    i have a feeling that the only "Ethical" related syllabus points u can relate to are on drugs n drug testing was because....i think they wanted us to talk about drug testing??? i dunno..i majorly fucked that up too :(
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    PDHPE exam was a sick joke

    Quote: for the 15 mark question on core 2, plz tell me u guys talked about concentration attention skills/ relaxation techniques/ visualisaton..a...and all that........:S:S don't worry i also tlaked about that! and goal setting n focusing n shit...i'm pretty sure its right....
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    PDHPE exam was a sick joke

    for part b) i talked about skills and coping... i don't know what concerns your class did? we did body image and skills n coping...i talked bout skills n coping and mentioned the 4 types of argument that reduces stress n shit that leads to was a great question....compared to SPORTS...
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    PDHPE exam was a sick joke

    YE FUKKK i totallly stuffed up the 15mark sports med qu', i'm soo pissed off!!! and the annoying thing was, i did a prac question before the exam a few weeks ago about drug testing n my teacher said it was good...and i had no idea what they were asking!... till after the was about drug...
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    Any instrument players?

    LOL bobo the oboe....ahh so easily entertained.... i've been playing flute for 8 yrs...recently came back from a band tour, played in carnegie hall :p very exciting...and disney world...very fun... i've attempted in teaching myself guitar...know like 5 chords but didn't keep practicing...hence...
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    Raw marks

    i thought they amde it noone can get 90 as a raw mark in which case the top people will stay top but be scaled down? like they say ok the top mark is 85...i dunno? lol
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    Did anyone else find the exam..

    i think you guys.....are really arrogant.... i understand your happy and all but saying like oh i definately got like 75 or 90 or wateva...wat r u? hsc markers?
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    Section I - Multiple Choice and short answers

    ye i agree...i don't think it was D, not everyone was pro-conscription