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    but do u reckon im out of the 70's guys
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    anymore estimates pplz?
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    ye if i got that uai il b very happy
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    any more estimates?
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    i predict my final hsc marks to be eng adv 85 rank 7/58 mathematics 75 rank 16/40 economics 85 7/15 business studies 85 3/16 sdd 70 5/9 what do u reckon il get , can u tell me laz, can anyone use the lazseeker and tell me, anything will be...
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    question plz read,

    ive just finished my 2003 hsc and i estimate my raw hsc exam marks to be: eng advanced 85% mathematics 75% business studies 805% economics 85% software design 75% and my ranks are: eng adv 7/58 mathematics 16/40 business studies 3/17 economics 7/15 software 5/9 what...
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    not much eco policies

    who here reckons that there werent that much eco policies questions with the exceptions of q26 and q28, i dont think there were much eco policies in the short answer either. post ur thoughts
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    band 5 cut offs

    what is everyones opinions on a band 5 cut off. i got about 90/120 75% do u reckon il get a band 5, plz dont leave without replying to either of the two questions thanks
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    2unit ppl - raw estimate marks

    according to the answers supplied in this forum i got 80-92
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    is mathematics even scaled up

    hey is mathematics even scaled up and by how much like how much was it scaled up to last year and the year before, and i dont understand how ppl say if everyone goes bad in this test we will all get scaled up, if anyone can explain my questions plz feel free
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    what raw mark will get me a band 5

    so if i got about a raw mark of 75% will i get in the band 5 range
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    what raw mark will get me a band 5

    any basis to that guess
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    what raw mark will get me a band 5

    what raw mark will get me a band 5
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    wrong date

    my examiners had the 24th written on the board and then half hour before the test finished they changed it to 27 but i didnt realise so i had 24 written on all my papers, what happens,
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    How many speeches did you do for module B?

    i did king and linclon about 11 pages i think
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    blue paper not signed

    u serious that a great relief ashlee, thanks, but who was the one that said it could be a non serious attempt, i stayed til the end and went on to a second book for each module
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    blue paper not signed

    no but im saying that like i signed it and everything and everything else is signed and i did my best, so how can that be a non serious attmept, they jus said i was ok and i can go but i dont remember if they signed my blue paper
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    blue paper not signed

    what happens if u leave the test and ur blue paper is not signed by the supervisor but uve filled out everything else,
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    wrong student number

    say god forbid that i accidently got one of the numbers of my student number wrong ,will they sort it out and identify that it was my paper because all papers are put together according to exam centre numbers,wat do u reckon, and know one in school has similar student numbers, so do u reckon if...
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    writing with blue pen

    hey do u get penalised for writing in blue pen, cos my black ran out during the exam and then i used a blue which wasnt really dark. what do u reckon