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    Post Your 2015 University Offers Here

    B of Actuarial Studies (Co-op) UNSW. Keen to meet other actuary BOS peeps
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    Recommended laptop for Uni

    I'm starting actuarial studies at UNSW in 2015 and was wondering what laptop would be most suitable for me based upon the software we will be using and the general use of the device. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Share your ATAR here

    98.95 (atar aim: 99) ahh. I got confirmation for Co-op actuary at UNSW today though! Anyone else here doing it?
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    UNSW Coop 2014 + general questions

    Thanks mreditor!!
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    UNSW Coop 2014 + general questions

    Got a conditional offer for actuary!!!!!!
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    Starting up tutoring

    I'm a 2014 HSC student and I'm considering tutoring English advanced & standard, maths up to 3u, chem, business and RE and expecting an ATAR 98+. Does anyone know the required qualifications?
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    Official triage multi-choice solutions

    19/20! Question 13 is the devil. That is all
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    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    I reckon raw 95. Studied so much for soaps and we got the seven marker on it in industrial!!
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    Multiple Choice

    Same. Staring at mine atm
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    Multiple Choice

    That's what I guessed. My answers 1 to 20 were D A B C C B C B A C A C A D D B A D B D
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    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    Fuck yes
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    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    What did everyone get for the % purity of co2. I got 80.0 %..anyone else?
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    Multiple Choice

    How did everyone go? WTF was q15?
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    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    Oh fuck, 20 is d. I had like over an hour for the report and an hour for the essay, but yeah I write pretty big
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    Section III: Business Report

    For global factors I wrote about Research and Development, economies of scale, scanning and learning, global sourcing. Syllabus dotpoints guizz
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    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    I'm pretty sure 20 is A. Other than that I got same answers as Alekovic. How many pages did people write? I got 17 for the report and 11 for the essay. Better get a raw >95
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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    MC was pretty straightforward
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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    C, a, c, b, b, c, b, c, b, b, c, d, b, c, c, d, a, d, a, a
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    Went over the test with my teacher and its looking like a raw 65. How are people angry with like 90 raw marks ffs? Silly mistakes will be the death of me
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    I got up at 5 a.m. to make sure I knew all speeches.... So glad I went over Deane!!!...I linked enduring value to his Donne quote but struggled with this part of the question. Averaged four booklets for each question though which was pretty awesome