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    Red P test question

    is she being serious? if you have good enough visibility why would you need to come to stop? i would hate to be driving behind your mum on a road with a lot of roundabouts
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    What do you have for breakfast?

    either toast or pancakes or scones or boiled egg or scrambled egg and usually with orange juice / hot chocolate and a green tea
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    What have you eaten today?

    scrambled eggs piece of grilled fish 2 banana smoothies
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    Your favourite chocolate

    heaven caramel
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    The Biggest Loser

    I CANT STAND IT WHEN MUNNALITA TALKS SHE HAS GOT TO HAVE THE MOST ANNOYING VOICE I HAVE EVER HEARD. and how the end of every sentence is high pitched like she is asking a question. grrrr i hate her
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    What have you eaten today?

    a boiled egg yoghurt toasted sandwich 1 fantale
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    Wall Of Fame Thread

    Lucas Papaw for soft lips Lush AOBS Benzac Dove spf15 face moisturiser Covergirl tinted moisturiser Natio peach glow blush Maybelline full n soft mascara Mor body butters
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    Can perfumes go off?

    woops sorry i meant to say 'where did you get it' not how long had you had it anyway yeah i remember reading something on the vogue forums about this i'll see if I can find it found! here it is: link :)
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    Can perfumes go off?

    yeah perfumes do go off but they should last longer than a year... how long have you had it?
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    How much time?

    0 hours
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    skin scarring

    YES THIS STUFF IS A MIRACLE WORKER EVERYONE SHOULD OWN A BOTTLE ITS ONLY $20 for 15mL GO OUT AND GET URSELF SOME RIGHT NOW ITS BLOODY GREAT (ps u have to be consistent, apply it every night for at least 3 months, NOTHING (apart from surgery) would make them disappear/fade...
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    Fragrances/Perfumes No.2

    ^ a friend who works are the body shop told me they are bringing out a range of new fragrances soon including coconut :)
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    Help with IRP

    Not to put you off doing what you're interested in but that topic would be pretty difficult. I think the 3 most important things to remember when you are deciding on a hypothesis/research question for your IRP are a) Something which interests you to some extent. b) A topic which would...
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    So anyone yet to check?

    lol yep more like team fear for me anyway! i probably won't even check my UAI tomorrow.. as if no one else hasn't checked though!! why haven't more people posted in here COME ON PEOPLE
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    So anyone yet to check?

    I haven't looked either! Too scared of my modern history mark (expecting less than 60)
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    P plater learning to drive auto?

    i got pulled over for breath testing once and they didnt even ask to see my licence at all
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    Body Butters

    I dont really like the body shop ones as I find them a bit greasy (but they do smell great!). I love the Mor ones though - here - especially MARSHMALLOW but the nougat and sorbet ones are also really nice. The Marshmallow Body Souffle is also lovely.
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    Idea A or B

    hey i'd go with (B) but I think you should refine it a bit more, or take a different angle because its a bit over done. The more refined the research question is, the easier your research will be because otherwise you will be overwhelmed with information - e.g. change it from How does the...
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    Multiple Choice Question..

    :eek: Are you serious we need to know stuff that detailed?? I just chucked a couple of alternative health care methods into my notes to use for examples - i dont even know what homeopathy is. anyway from my notes ive got so i can see why that could be the answer (nutrition could be said...