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  1. J

    BIggest difference between assessments and exam marks?

    me test 67and ass 87 in chem hsc mark 77, 20 difference
  2. J

    Who is staying up all night

    the 2005 sam instead of the 2004 sam
  3. J

    Who is staying up all night

    as above
  4. J

    When are the marking guidelines released on BOS

    go out aye thats y r in front of ur computer u fag.
  5. J

    Sections you hope arent in the test

    solvey proess would of been good (d) was gay in indutrlia chem. and Haber process was there
  6. J

    Comparison of Multiple-Choice Answers

    mine were mostly A's :(
  7. J

    Sections you hope arent in the test

    i hope crap on batteries arent in the test and my option industrial chemistry is gunna be hard :(
  8. J

    Who is ready for it?

    i hope there less calulas to physical world i hate that crap
  9. J

    Is IPT your last exam?

    no i got chem the next day
  10. J

    Predict raw mark /120 + scaled mark

    dont just think go to it has solution and i got about 72 -73 raw i hope they scale to 80%
  11. J

    Solution to Maths Ext 2

    72 raw = 60% i hope they scale to 80's%
  12. J

    Q 2 d) ellipse

    i didnt do it but i when to my teacher and he said u remember the property of the ellispies and i got NO and then he goes PS + PM = 2a so the major is 5 and i got dam i guessed 6 :(
  13. J

    Any topic u will stuff up :(

    i didnt do the harder 3 unit stuff it was so gay like the circles and 3d triangles it was gay test :p
  14. J

    How many Qs have u NOT attempted?

    i recoken Q6 was the hardest the most i didnt attempt :(
  15. J

    Any topic u will stuff up :(

    i think ill stuff up complex numbers and volumes :(
  16. J

    the paper

    i hope its easy :(
  17. J

    Stupid mistakes, cmon tell us u fucked up

    i got 153m fkn hell i still get 1 mark for working and equation :(