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    99.85, 164 any chance?

    i can't believe pppl apply for unsw med so overzealously. i think they r splitting hairs if they don't take u in coz someone got 99.90 and u got 99.85....i got 99.10 and the lowest UAI i know from my yr at uni of newcastle is 94! maybe the competitive entry reflects the type of doctors...
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    Prospective Med Students 2006

    newcastle is an awesome course....i'm entering my 3rd yr now and i have to say, it's challenged me so much more than i could have imagined, but in a good way. the staff are always handy and approachable, both academic and administrative. it's true that it was the first to implement the PBL...
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    What is Med like? hours? study tons?

    One of our repeaters passed all his exams, but didn't have a satisfactory tutorial attendance record, so he was forced to repeat.
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    What is Med like? hours? study tons?

    Nah, what happened was that coz too many ppl failed, they increased the pass mark...but a lot of ppl might drop out coz they can't afford the fees. So we only end up with about 10 repeaters in our year.
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    What is Med like? hours? study tons?

    no - it was 40 % and that was FAILURE rate, not dropout rate, you heard wrong. If that was the dropout rate, then Newcastle wouldn't produce any doctors. It's a very intense course but people don't study as much as they should. In my opinion the teaching methods are the best. It's very...
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    Med camp

    Better than UNCLE camp...ours didnt go ahead coz of rain so we all dropped by Finnegan's (the local brewery) for an assortment of food and beverages. :D
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    fire at the uni

    I SAW THE WHOLE THING!!! Poor Pinkies went down - my best source of gum. Sure the old ladies laughed at me when I flashed my student card when buying gum, but I still call Pinkies home. Anyway, I was on the NBN news...they were interviewing ppl and I got in the way of one of the interviews...
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    Heaney Help! - Rftg

    Heaney writes of Irish history and his past to discover, rediscover, reinvent and reinforce his cultural heritage. He does this through either retreating from (personal helicon) or challenging globalisation (req for the croppies).
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    med timetable is the sh*ts

    *sigh* it's all about being unique with Harvard...
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    med timetable is the sh*ts

    Umm, SBL = PBL. UNSW (along with other unis) copied Newcastle Uni which have had the UMAT, interview and PBL many years before now. UNSW just renamed it so they could create the illusion of originality :D
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    Med04 group for UNSW first years...

    Don't you guys use BlackBoard to communicate/share infos/etc?
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    official newcastle uni students thread

    Yes. They have all these cadavers in anatomy labs and when they cut them up, they need those chimnies to release all the fumes that the treatment chemicals give off.
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    med timetable is the sh*ts

    PBL rox my sox...cept I've got all this homework to do now :(
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    official newcastle uni students thread

    Med @ UNCLE rox my sox. :D Been too much fun, especially the "First Incision" aka MedSoc-excuse-to-go-get-drunk-and-party-all-night :D
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    official newcastle uni students thread

    1st Year Bachelor of Medicine Semester 1 subjects: MEDI1011, MEDI1012, MEDI1013 (elective unknown as yet, possibly Muscularskeletal)
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    Religious affiliation

    Yes, God created the Big Bang...He created the single celled organisms that evolved as he Himself expanded across the empty space to form the universe. With that, live evolved. I am still undecided on the whole Adam and Eve story since I've not actually read it, but I don't see how evolution...
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    Retreat From The Global This was one of my related texts. If you understand its message about the elective, you will do well. It served me well for both school assessments and the HSC exam. If you have questions about it, do ask. (oh and as I mentioned earlier...
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    SAM so accurate!

    Shh, you're giving Lazarus a big head! :D
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    using sam - aligned marks??

    Well for the students themselves, I don't think it's very important to be aware of such a technicality. All they need to know is that there's a lot of fidgeting with the marks going on after you do the exam and that occurs both with the HSC exam and your school marks. Therefore, it's not...
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    Length of responses in the English HSC exam.

    you won't finish the exam with that sort of response...I suggest you practise writing that out as fast as you can, so you can see for yourself. The maximum I can do in 40 min is 2.25 typed pages (font Times New Roman, 12) - that's usually just a little over 1000 words.