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    Ultimo TAFE

    Re: ultimo tafe anyone? i got to ultimo tafe.. in block G..isnt that where ya at too?yea totoally weird..tafe is so not the same as high school.. i do Hr.. yea i reckn this week has been a real bludge... and its so strange that they dont give u more info.. i guess they dont want to scare...
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    started a new topic and i really need help

    i think 18 pages is so much,, even for english having ot write 3 pages i am struggling lol..oh wells i will make it first time that i will write more than 3 pages haha it's getting so close to our hsc's so scary ..yea my teacher almost went off..haha he was disappointed..i think yoiu...
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    started a new topic and i really need help

    i was so scred to approach my teacher about changing the topic but he let me..haha so you just started your topic? how many pages does your teacher expect you to write..omg mine was liek least 18 pages haha and i have non pages haha ..i just finish my questionaire..well actually i...
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    started a new topic and i really need help

    about chat room and how it affect our lives(for those that go on) and why people go on there and about the identity issue any ideas about it?
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    started a new topic and i really need help

    hi..i know it's so late to start a new topic and i did haha well i am focusing my topic on chat line not super sure of what to focus on yet.. i am doing my survey now..but man my teacher is such not a great help with it..though he is fuzzy.. so you got any ideas of where i should go with my...
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    Discontinuing the publication of King Lear

    hey my task to to write a letter to convince the publisher of king lear not to discontinuing the publicaiton of the play who believe that it no longer is relevant to today's society. ,,why hsould the work be continue??help me out people..i have to talk about the litery merit and blah all...
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    Overseas Destinations

    i have been to Japan(as an exchange student) ..and here..first destination is homeland lol/..
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    What are you doing ur PIP on?

    urs is a cool mines on culture clash..dont even know where to go on that not creative lol..all yours sounds geart man
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    belief system islam..what did you get tested on?

    hey does anyone have notes on belife system islam.. and what was in your exams? if u have, i would be greatly appreciated if you ccould send it to you
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    Stimulus Booklet

    hey how does tetx 7 relate to coleridge and imaginative journey?
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    Wind in the willows

    hey how did you say it related to imaginative's so hard to link texts in the stimulus booklet to imaginative journey well to coleridge
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    wow your topics seems so difficult. my 3 topics are : advancing technology, is it good or bad for us. discuss aregument: special education vs integration for disabled and; speak about the reasons behind Mr Oka's decision to introduce Ototake to the wordprocessor..we have to do 6-7 for each...
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    "Daffodil" Willam Wordsworth

    hehe i am handing mine in tomorrow and it's on about crap haha well i don't really care hahaha too tired..just as long as i can hand it in..and get soem mark..
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    "Daffodil" Willam Wordsworth

    have u guys actually finish writing about how it relate to imaginative..i have one more text to do and i am doing this poem..and i am clueless in what it's about lol..want to trade notes?
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    Supp Texts - Imaginative

    want to share notes lol..the teachers wouldn't know haha different school..damn my response on it is due this friday, the whole 3 texts..what did u say about how it relate to imaginative journey? i wandered lonely as a cloud is wat i am talking about to those who might be doing it too
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    Supp Texts - Imaginative

    i am doing the daffodills one too ..wait are you doing it on that too?lol does any one knows any pics that represent an imaginative journey? i have two texts a film and a poem..but i am too lazy to read ahah i need somethign simple..
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    Coleridge poems+analysis

    yea on spark notes i think there's some but it wont let u get in..haha's hard to find notes..esp. relating to imaginative journey. don't you just hate being the first to do the area of study haha <== i thaink that's it
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    japanese study

    my teacher uses all type combine even mirai..but mainly we uses wakatta and it hink it's good..but i guess it all vaires depending on what you are used to.. we passed nagara.. it hink using all type of text book is good because usually there's section where you get whats in another book rather...
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    Continuity and change

    it's cool ty i finish it lol
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    society and culture pip

    whoa that seems hard and seems did u get the idea so creative lol.. hmm i think it's best to go to the council place to research it..they should have details on how it has change and ask people who had lived in that area for curtain amount of years and ask them how it has change...