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    HSC Biology Progression

    Haha i got 7/8 for that ;) hahaha, it was a hard question though, spent like 45minutes on that, had to write 2 extra pages but it was a 8 marker so I was thinking of what other info could be relevant and yay that i covered it all. I didn't cover the dot point about how vaccines are implemented...
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    Multiple Choice

    I'm quite sure it's D because researching it, a friend found "Ownership of land is based on division and distribution of ritual responsibility for land and sacred sites and not on the Western notion of owning, using or occupying land". So on that basis, ritual estate is based on ritual...
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    General Thoughts: SOR I

    Great paper, nothing too difficult. Essay was so open :)
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    Multiple Choice

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    General Thoughts: History Extension

    Was a hectic paper but agreed, source was odd lol. I don't know how you enjoy this subject though :( I like it and it sparks thought and is somewhat interesting but it's sort of dull :P Just my opinion (I'm sort of utilitarian and so, although I do the histories, still don't find it too useful...
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    General Thoughts: History Extension

    Question 1's question wasn't bad.. it was just worded funny lol. The source was not particularly useful because it aligned so well with relativist thought that there wasn't really much to argue if you are in that category. So for the most part of source integration, it was just using it to...
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    Our exam was cancelled

    Oh wow, we do the exact same topics. JC was perfect - me and my teacher predicted it would be expansion/consolidation Agrippina 10 marker (on her JC background) was funny cus that was my worst one but my teacher said it probs won't come up again. Still alright tho. Next was her contributions...
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    Cssa biology

    Oh so you guys got it amended? Hectic, I can appeal! haha nah cus it's a maintaining balance quesiton but as part of the syllabus we didn't learn anything about destruction/partial tests - only chemistry does that... so yeah.
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    Cssa biology

    What was the answer to that multiple choice about the dead leaf experiment? I'm almost certain that it's not part of the syllabus that we need to know about destruction or partial testings? or whatever that is... all the chem kids said it was 'destruction' though :L
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    Cssa biology

    Isn't the answer homeostasis and then for the next question, you'd talk about it being endothermic + the stuff it does to regulate temp? Cus the first question was something about what temp regulation process it does, not what the creature was..? Im not sure :L
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    What would a 83/100 be aligned to?

    holy shit wtf, that's so high. I was under the impression that what you get is what you get for 2unit (well there abouts). I think i got 91ish, any thoughts on how that will move?
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    Raw Mark

    low 90s. anyone know what this wud be bumped up or down to?
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    The 2012 HSC 2unit exam