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  1. stace212

    Official HSC Results Thread: So how did u go?

    I have to say one thing.... although I dont need my UAI as I'm not going to uni, the difference between my marks and UAI was pathetic, I was sittin here thinkin yeh I did better than I thought I would. Then I looked up my UAI. Not Happy Jan!!!
  2. stace212

    Favourite band(s)

    The Beatles Metallica ACDC
  3. stace212

    what NOT to wear

    I agree, trackies ae a no no. Maybe otay at home (hell, I'm wearin em now!) but not out, specially if ur out to impress!
  4. stace212

    Does anyone work at Big W?

    Ur kidding?! We arent allowed to say anything to the customers that bring thru a huge trolleyfull of items, if we do and they complain, we get i heaps of shit... we just put up wit it and if the next customer whinges we put up wit that too!!!
  5. stace212

    Dream man :)

    since we're talkin bout height... I'm 4'10.5 (cant 4get that half an inch!)
  6. stace212

    Does anyone work at Big W?

    Yup... he went to get the ticket off the shelf and only got one of 3 tickets... for the least expensive box of course!!!!! We all wanted to kill him... my BM stood there in the aisle with him and told him wat she thought of him... then proceeded to tell a nosy customer to piss off unless buying...
  7. stace212

    Biggest turn offs ever?

    turn off - a guy who thinks he's gods gift to chicks... when he is exactly the opposite!!!!
  8. stace212

    going for older guys/girls

    I was 17 and my last BF was 24... I've gone out with a guy just 2 months younger than me and I promised myself that I'd never go out with a younger guy again... I dunno... I just prefer older guys
  9. stace212

    Does anyone work at Big W?

    Im at Richmond... Have no idea where ur at... our shrinkage aint that bad... mind you one of the dumbshit recovery staff in small apps sold a $1000 air conditioner yesterday for $300.... He got counselled and may be losing his job.
  10. stace212


    Like Toy Soldiers" Step by step, heart to heart, left right left We all fall down... [Chorus] Step by step, heart to heart, left right left We all fall down like toy soldiers Bit by bit, torn apart, we never win But the battle wages on for toy soldiers [Verse 1] I'm supposed to be...
  11. stace212

    Does anyone work at Big W?

    yeh.. I used to work in home ent but I'm a trainee so I get moved around. At the moment I'm in DM Home at the momnent, I dont mind it but Consumables is the worst in my opinion. And yes your pay does go up, from bout $8.90 to bout $9.87 or sumtin. N e ways, ur pay will keep goin up till ur 21...
  12. stace212

    what to do?

    the easiest shit ever.... and healthy and light so she isnt worrying bout her weight - get one of those continental or kantong stirfry sauces, a pack of frozen stir fry vegetables, rice or pasta and chicken or beef strips. The instructions are on the back of the sauce bottle... it takes bout...
  13. stace212

    Naughtiest place you've done the deed...

    smartarse... P.s. Not-That-Bright...r u always on here? Do you sleep? or work? or eat? or anything other than bludge on the net? :P
  14. stace212

    thread for bitter single people

    You will for a while, but gradually u'll forget and u'll find someone else. How long were u 2 going out?
  15. stace212

    thread for bitter single people

    Yup... he doesnt work half as much any more tho, relies on his other job more, only works sunday mornings wit me now... and I work in a big store so its easy to avoid each other.
  16. stace212

    Naughtiest place you've done the deed...

    as 4 da train... not as unhygenic as u'd think... no part of me or him uncovered touched the seats... and no clothing was actually removed. Thats the difficult part.
  17. stace212

    Naughtiest place you've done the deed...

    lol back of a ute is good, sometimes. Lol we got pink fluffy handcuffs for my friend for her b'day! (irrelevant I kno but hey) N e ways ppl I'll talk to u all again lata, gotta go to work.
  18. stace212

    Should Alcohol be sold After Midnight?

    I think it should be.... half the time we cant be bothered to get off our backsides to go get alchomohol till after midnight, or only just before, then we end up driving round to find somewhere, and by the time we get there they wont sell it. Meh.
  19. stace212

    So who's burned all of their notes?

    lol burned some, threw out others, gave the rest to my cousin who's doin the HSC next... hehehe... poor kid.
  20. stace212

    thread for bitter single people

    good luck in ur exam asylum!