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  1. JuliaGulia07

    University Prerequisites

    I'm pretty sure one of the main reasons we are all required to complete 12 years of education prior to university is because it helps us develop and mature into people who can cope with different sorts of situations, e.g. having to do something you don't like to get where you want to. Also...
  2. JuliaGulia07

    Future UNSW Students Rollcall

    Heyllo everybody!! Im Julia, otherwise known as Julia Gulia. I went to Mackellar Girls which no one has heard of and Im off to UNSW to do Environmental Science yaaaaay!! :D Anyone else doing the same course? I dont know of anyone yet!
  3. JuliaGulia07

    HSC Certificates out today Class of 2007

    hey everyone. im currently overseas and someones been checking our mail except i havent received any mail from the BOS. we recently moved before i came overseas so i dont know...i was wondering if anyone knows which address they send the certificates to? i changed my UAC details ages ago...
  4. JuliaGulia07

    unsw or usyd?

    just got my UAI and did better than i expected so now im considering applying for usyd as well. i want to do environmental science and my first preference at the moment is unsw with a cut off of 80.5 and i got 82.20. The cut off for usyd is 83.00 and im not sure if i should add it and put it as...
  5. JuliaGulia07

    French Continuers

    IT'S ALICE!! hi alice!! :wave: it's me, gulia! hehehe! this comment is pointless in terms of french stuff.
  6. JuliaGulia07

    French Extension

    how did everyone find it? anyone here do "Au revoir les enfants"? personally i don't think it was that bad. that's probably 'cause our teacher scared the crap out of us and gave us the hardest questions she could find! IT'S OVER! no more french!! :)
  7. JuliaGulia07

    French Continuers

    ooh personally i found it quite easy! i found it better than the trials. how about anyone else? i'm soo glad it's over though. :) only extension left tomorrow. anyone here do extension?
  8. JuliaGulia07

    HSC markers

    i'm pretty sure i heard that they won't give you 0, mostly for the fact that they don't know who wrote the original and it would be really slack if they were to give the person who wrote it a 0...then again, i don't know but that makes sense to me.
  9. JuliaGulia07

    please estimate my UAI!!

    i did but i'm not sure if the marks i'm entering are right 'cause it says not to put raw marks into SAM. when i used a similar thing with my careers advisor he told me to add 10 to each mark and i don't know why. i'm soo confused!:confused:
  10. JuliaGulia07

    please estimate my UAI!!

    okay however bad it's gonna be, i deserve it 'cause i've been the biggest bum this year..hsc has really taken its toll. id really appreciate it if someone could estimate my UAI...i tried using SAM but i'm not sure what marks to enter ...i know you have to put an aligned mark in but i got no idea...
  11. JuliaGulia07

    French and German?

    IF you're very talented at foreign languages, then I definately encourage you to do both. It's not suicide if you're good at them. Put it this way, if you pick another subject you're not very keen on, you're likely to not do as well. Trust me, I'd know lol. I wish I'd picked another language...
  12. JuliaGulia07

    Titration - Prac assessment -URGENT

    yeah, thats it! i've already done it, although i got it wrong so i dont know what i did wrong. we knew the volume and concentration of NaOH, and the concentration of HCl and we had to titrate to find the volume of HCl so that we could work out the concentration and then the mass of the sample of...
  13. JuliaGulia07

    Titration - Prac assessment -URGENT

    lol yeah i know, the point of adding the NaOH wasn't cause it couldnt be used as a primary standard, it was used to make the solution basic, so that we could then use HCl as a titre. have you guys done this sort of thing at your school yet?
  14. JuliaGulia07

    Titration - Prac assessment -URGENT

    I just did the prac then so its ok. But what is meant by that is that to work out the concentration of the oxalic acid, you must subtract the concentration of the HCl from the NaOH... n(C2O4H2) = n(NaOH) - n(HCl) the point of this whole thing is because you can't put a base in the burette...
  15. JuliaGulia07

    Titration - Prac assessment -URGENT

    I have a prac assessment to find the concentration (or not sure, but i guess that doesnt matter) of oxalic acid. Basically we were told to put oxalic acid in the conical flask and add excess sodium hydroxide so that the solution becomes basic. We add indicator and titrate with...
  16. JuliaGulia07

    Extension Writing Assessment

    Hey there guys, i was just wondering how everyone went in their extension writing assessment!:worried:
  17. JuliaGulia07

    Imaginative Journeys: Journey to the Interior

    Hi everyone, I probably won't get any feedback on this before my exam tomorrow, but I just finished an analysis on Journey to the Interior and i was hoping to get some opinions on it. I'm using it for imaginative journeys. Journey to the Interior Journey to the interior is a representation...
  18. JuliaGulia07

    French Continuers half yearly!!

    yaou that's very nice of you to offer. are you in france now?
  19. JuliaGulia07

    French Continuers half yearly!!

    i know, the questions are so repetitive! whats funny is that last year it literally WAS repetitive for us, lol our teacher gave us the same yearly exam as she did for the half yearly by accident. lol i work at a supermarket on the weekends and sometimes we have french costumers and all i seem...
  20. JuliaGulia07

    French Continuers half yearly!!

    hey thanx for the advice. i wish we had followed a text book properly, but our classwork feels so unreliable because our teacher jumps all over the place. luckily i have a diff teacher for extension. we're doing Au revoir les enfants, it seems everyone's doing Marius et Jeannette! we had an...