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    Roll call for those trying to transfer to USyd/UNSW Law this year

    I was hoping to get into Commerce/Law at UNSW this year however my school stuffed up the academic achivement award because they gave it out before ATAR's were released. I got an ATAR of 98.45 which would have secured me a position with the bonus points from the award, however they gave it to...
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    UNSW Roll Call 2012

    Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in finance + marketing or human resources. Might transfer to commerce/law if I get the chance...
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    I agree, if the uni had to choose between a student with 96 ATAR plus 5 and one with 98 ATAR plus 5, the 98 ATAR student would get in - simply because their raw atar is higher (even though both students ATAR's amount to 99.95 with bonus points).
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    Share your 2011 HSC results here

    Eng adv: 92 Eng ext 1: 47/50 ancient: 96 history ext: 47/50 business: 90 legal: 95 so relieved!
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    General Thoughts: History Ext

    I did exacty what you did!!!!
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    General Thoughts: Legal Studies

    Crime question was amazing, good times...
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    Section II - Core: Crime and Human Rights

    Terrorism was could have been discussed too, especially the denial of individual rights for terrorists under the bail terrorism amendment act, which favours the interests of the community...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    What the hell was the answer to question 6 ??
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Haha exactly!
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Um wasn't judge correct?
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    Raw Mark for E4?

    What would a 42/50 align to?
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    Specimen paper?

    Hopefully they don't ask about law reform (human rights)...
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    Romanticism: Essay

    So the question asked to focus mainly on two themes of Romanticism: - imagination and its ability to transform human experience - manipulation of textual form/features How did you go about it and what texts did you refer to? I referred to Ode to a Nightigale, This Lime Tree Bower My...
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    General Thoughts: EE1

    Questions for Romanticism were just perfect! Although I hate it when you see a question that you know so much about and it's like "where the fuck do i begin".
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    Section II - Ancient Societies

    While it was annoying for everyone to talk about their society in the 15 marker, the markers will only probs look for things that you wrote for which there is evidence for. If you mentioned archaeological evidence then you're fine, even if you didnt write that much.
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    Section I - Core (Pompeii and Herculaneum)

    Can someone verify if this is correct: for household religion I said that: - the lares were protectors of their boundary, in this case the domes - offerings were made at the lararium such as fruit and pine cones - symbols of fertility - the lares were present during important rites of passage...
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    Section I - Core (Pompeii and Herculaneum)

    Ditto that hahaha
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    Greek World 500-440 BC

    The question one chose probably depended on the emphasis the teacher placed on the topic. My teacher placed particular emphasis on the Persian Wars so our school cohort did A, even though B was also doable. For A: - Role of of Themistocles in diverting funds from Laurion to the construction of...
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    Greek World 500-440 BC

    For those who did part (a), how did you approach this question? Did you state that the Athenian navy was the only reason for victory, or did you say that it was tempered by other factors such as Themistocles strategies?
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    Section I - Core (Pompeii and Herculaneum)

    Yep, I also said that they were present during important rites of passage such as marriage, births and funerals and were offered fruits and pine cones - symbols of fertility. I was also at a lecture and they actually talked about the house of the vetti Lararium - which was actually found in the...