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  1. Srixon

    Mooloolaba 2006

    Mooloolaba is a great place haeps of palces close liek alexander headlands and maroochydore. cant even tell when u go to the next one really and alot of other towns not to far away.
  2. Srixon

    Major Projects For Wood?

    Wood is way better
  3. Srixon

    NFS Most Wanted is ***** hard...

    heat 5 the cars arent black cruisers heat 5 is these corvettes or dodges that are just near all white. I am up to blacklist 1, any one finished it yet?
  4. Srixon

    The Official Big Day Out 2006 Thread (stickied?)

    hey were AFI there (seen somewhere they were going to be there) and if so were they good?
  5. Srixon


    not real low it is only on 14. main errors are consitency just need to swing the club more on plane and try not to let my head drop on the downswing
  6. Srixon


    I have palyed for aobut 4 years. Yeah if u want to get a bit more consistent try going to a pro they might be able to give u a few tips better off doing it now before the flaws are near permanetly lodged (like me). Just keep it up and u should get better over time
  7. Srixon


    gday yeah i play golf but i am not sure of any cheap places to play golf in sydney as i live int he country but as for hitting it higher when u hit your irons u should try to hit it on a decending blow (before the club head starts getting level with the gorund if u know what i mean) as this...
  8. Srixon

    NFS Most Wanted is ***** hard...

    Any one finished yet? im up to 80 someithng percent
  9. Srixon

    Need4Speed:MW Question

    I have finished jsut over 80% of the game and are up to about black list number 2 i think the game is huge and i have finished every rave up untill there. I would say keep your car for a bit dont buy no cars but twhen u beat the blacklist memeber try to click on the last bonus marker and...
  10. Srixon

    2006 Ag Students

    do Primary Industries more practical thna Ag which is mostly theory bassed in 11 and 12
  11. Srixon

    Modern Hardcore Fans

    RISE AGAINST rocks best band ever alexisonfire is hardcore as well but i like most punk like nofx and that
  12. Srixon

    Top 'speed' done and where?

    most of the hume highway is 110 i woul dsay the only part where it is 70 is near sydney or going through a small town along the line but thats about it the rest is 110
  13. Srixon


    hey can someone please answer this for me tonight u help is appreciated There are 50 year 12 students in a school and 8 are to be chosen as prefects. A set of twins is in year 12. Find the probability that both twins are selected cheers
  14. Srixon

    Is this subject good

    do biology and forget about PE do Sport LIfestyle and recreation it is way better then PE as PE invloves alot of theory and SLR involves alot of practical very minimal theory. But hey its your choice it just depends wat u want to do later on in life
  15. Srixon

    Have any IDea?

    there not talking about your harddrive they are talking about RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY save it onto your computer first then copy it to the cd
  16. Srixon

    What electives do/did you do in yrs9/10?

    i did computer studies, agriculture, wood tech and metal tech we got to do four electives and i kept the same ones over yr 9 and 10
  17. Srixon

    The Official Cricket Thread 2006/2007

    pakistan capped england *thumbs up*
  18. Srixon

    want to get a new phone ...

    yeah ebay is pretty safe just check where the item is form there r alot of phones from overseas try to stay to the ones in australia and alot of them r actual stores in australia so they wont f**k with u just check there feedback, alot of thme give u 12 months warranty as well
  19. Srixon

    How do I capture a screen from a movie (.MPG .WMV etc.)?

    r u sure print screen doest work and then just pasting it in paint?
  20. Srixon

    problem with topic tests..

    yeah u aint the only one with this problem i failed every maths test over yr 11 and 12 always getting in the 40 -49% range( we never had topic tests though) i used to get 90's and 80's in yr 10 and that but these days i just couldnt pass but i done well in all my other assesments so that...