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  1. stressed monkie

    Advice line prank

    oh i c i thought it was a whole new thred for hscers of 2004 i idnt realize it was the 2003 continued on
  2. stressed monkie

    Advice line prank

    alrighty i was flipping down this quickly and is it my imagination or is a lot of this copied straight out of last yrs ---or is it last yrs,,,,i mean its all there the pizza, the missed exam, the english novel, the defensive ppl who cant take a joke considering no one will actually do any of...
  3. stressed monkie

    RET test entry at UWS

    i agree with above person my uai was way higher than my ret so it was a waste of time and money
  4. stressed monkie

    Favourite Book Store

    the best bookstore for christian stuff----which the books are really good especially the ones by melody carlson is koorong
  5. stressed monkie

    The Literary Acquisition Thread

    i have 756 books im a big reader at some point in life ill detail the lot
  6. stressed monkie

    Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

    irini taugt at my school as well catherine mcauley she was drama/english teacher i like willow tree and olive the best out of her 2 books
  7. stressed monkie

    Social Groups???

    im part of the coptic society----infact im entertainment manager for the coptic society--available at penrith and parra but u can join no matter wat campus u go thats just were the meetings are
  8. stressed monkie


    im wondering if anyone else enjoys biographies, i really enjoy them because they depict real humans in eal situations for example the diary of ann frank and also mao's last dancer anywayz thats my 2 cents
  9. stressed monkie


    i think the funniest part of the trip was hhow many ppl got drunk an were acting like total lunies lilly that u know who i am ur not gonna speak to me anymore ru lolz......
  10. stressed monkie


    really? i wonder if we spoke?
  11. stressed monkie


    the second wat about u?
  12. stressed monkie


    im not sure yet cause i have a big foundations of asia one to hand in on monday so ive been consentrating mainly on that just to get it out of the way
  13. stressed monkie


    hold up i checked the outline EIN is the feild trip report and its due june 3rd the thing due with the exam is for tourism system and thats the reflection report
  14. stressed monkie


    no when is it due?
  15. stressed monkie


    wait hold up sorie not for IAS its gotta be for environment in context or tourism systems remember they were saying it was an open book exam now i just cant remember which one it is wait wait i just found it yea its for tourism systems thats our wednesday class right? and its an open book exam...
  16. stressed monkie

    family/ workplace assignment

    santaslayer always seems to get to answer b4 i do its not fair, really it isnt now its just pointless if i try to answer cause he already wrote a heap :)
  17. stressed monkie

    custom status

    hey i wana be part of the cool group--laz make me part of the cool group im an important member of BOS, i am i really really am,
  18. stressed monkie


    well i only have end of semester exmas for my asia topic (which u dont do) and also IAS (stupid corazon i hate her so much)
  19. stressed monkie

    Macquire Uni Study Day

    ok sorrie i snapped had a long boring day at uni and im tired so i apoligise for snapping
  20. stressed monkie

    Most treasured book...

    irini savvidies who wrote that book was my english teacher, but her second book kinda sucked, im into biographies so my favourite would have to be mao's last dancer by Li Cunxin