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  1. emma_f

    Around 3 weeks to go - what position are you in?

    Hey oi, go to your opposite corners. If its any help - my boyfriend did little if any constant study, the majority of it being the few days before due assessment, and got 95.something. Like someone said, some can just naturally put things together. As for me, being so organisationally...
  2. emma_f

    Math stats first year

    follow up from my last post: i passed the subject by 3%, but uni screwed me over and cancelled that subject for semester 2 my marks were riding upon. so it was all for nothing....
  3. emma_f

    omgoodness i havent started my major and its now april!!!!!

    i was a slow starter, but ended up spending about 2/3 of the time full-on engulfed in yellow pages paper and styrofoam, with rsi in my fingers. the last couple of weeks things felt like they were being done at the last minute [usual habit of mine] and 4am bed times were the regular.
  4. emma_f

    Math stats first year

    sounds better than NON HONOGENEOUS SECOND ORDER DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS and the like [not that im making any attempt to learn that topic]. and good luck to you too tim. youll be fine:-) i also realised yesterday that i have to put in some sort of effort to at least pass this exam, because a 2nd...
  5. emma_f

    Math stats first year

    1031 any different / needed to be remembered for 1041 ? Pre-recs the same [60 mark in hsc maths] but whats the course like, for those having done it. Not enjoying ahem hate ahem 1031, and was also wondering if that sub in particular had to be repeated when I fail, or i could choose another. And...
  6. emma_f

    Interesting Science Subject In Semester 2

    if no other science subs interest you [scom2014 looks like a bludgy sub to me; appears quite popular too, unless the website they devoted and ad they made for the course was because they lacked people's interest], do a gen ed subject. im bumping forward gen ed, much to the lady at science...
  7. emma_f

    BSc, major & minor in Psych

    For those wanting an update [as i procrastinate with much enthusiasm], im doing the BSc double majoring in psychology and loving it; doing 2 arts [educational psych and sociology] and 2 science subs [psych and maths grr maths] first session and 3 science subs [psych maths and science...
  8. emma_f

    Which is better: Postmodernism or CrimeFiction for Yr12 Ext Eng?

    Pomo was the bomb, but I had a great teacher and class. Its so applicable in everything and you can have a lot of fun being a real pain reciting non-sensical [to others] quotes from leading thinkers
  9. emma_f

    English Ext 1 - Worth Doing?

    We did [if I remember correctly] gothic stuff in yr11 and postmodernism in year 12. I really enjoyed Ext1 english, but probably for the most part because we all got on really well and every lesson ended in laughter. Ive found now having done the sub was beneficial for my particular studies at...
  10. emma_f

    your BOW concept?

    Thread already started:
  11. emma_f

    Science Faculty Welcome

    and the guy with the cockatiel on his shoulder.. head of science or education or something..?
  12. emma_f

    HELP! Academic Standards for B.PSYCH

    I heard it was 70+ average in stages[years] 2 & 3 to progress to honours, but that was for BSc. If you got into BPsyc in a later round offer then I see no reason why you would have to worry about keeping up the average..! Congrats on that
  13. emma_f

    Science Faculty Welcome

    You didn't miss much. Didn't tell me anything more than what I already knew anyway. After the heads of some areas gave a speech, as well as a yellow shirt and library guy, each program/degree split up; in the BSc group a couple of people from the head of some schools gave speeches about what was...
  14. emma_f

    Save sex?

    From wiktionary, Belief can be understood as a state of mind in the process of increasing understanding that is sometimes called deduction. As people develop structures of understandings from observation or learned facts (generally accepted truths), they create a theory that is not unlike a...
  15. emma_f

    girls, what would you like a boy to like about you?

    he can like me for whatever reason he wants, as long as its not the 'bad' stuff [if he liked the bad habits, physicalities id rather remove etc then thats ok, a bonus even]. i think most girls want a guy to like them for what they pride themselves on, or what they think they have/are like
  16. emma_f

    Save sex?

    I'm in the position of the original poster, but my parteners not moving away and we've already had sex. We committed our lives to eachother before doing the deed, and at times we act like the most immature couple that are only concerned with their own wants when we fight but we're learning in...
  17. emma_f

    BSc, major & minor in Psych

    Right well I'm home now, and accepted BSc. Arts was too far out of my reach unfortunately. Transfer to b psych after a year will more than likely be attempted. But really thanks to all for your help; hopefully this has provided some direction for others as it undoubtedly did me. -Emma
  18. emma_f

    BSc, major & minor in Psych

    Thank you guys so much - Iruka, Survivor, and especially you Lain, for the trouble you went to to calm the naive newbie. I had just simply given up and convinced myself to do BA, really without much thought but in defeat. Perhaps divine intervention raised the UAI out of my reach.. Whichever; my...
  19. emma_f

    Bachelor of Science Majors/Minors Im also starting my first year, so I know as much as you do, but you can find definitions of majors and minors at
  20. emma_f

    BSc, major & minor in Psych

    Rekkusu ; I spoke to the psych fac and they gave me which, upon my own inspection of 1 stage 1 point 3, requires me to do..a science! I quierie number 2 though, as its only 3 years, but the small print under b suggests I could...