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  1. machiavel

    Complex Number Question.. Please help.

    The Arnold 4U text (you may know it as the Cambridge 4U) has an excellent integration page at the beginning of Chapter 5. Ignore the ax ones and memorise the f(x) ones. You can also treat integration as a Riemann sum if you really don't get it...
  2. machiavel

    Sums to products, products to sums

    Stuff whether they are in the syllabus or not. I would definitely memorise them for use in integration with trig fns. It's dead easy anyway: sin uses different fns in each product, so use the same sign, whereas cos uses the same fns and different signs. Maybe this makes more sens if you look...
  3. machiavel

    caesar and cleopatra help plz

    *cheers* At last an essay that isn't about Antony and Cleopatra. Essentially their relationship was an enormous prpoagamda weapon for the boni/optimates because: *They could portray Cleopatra as an eastern barbarian who corrupted Caesar * Caesar was keeping Roman legions abroad and fighting in...
  4. machiavel

    Important: Marius Gaius

    This might be seriously late, but: For Gaius Marius I would *avoid* websites. Seriously. It's almost as bad as looking for stuff on Gaius Julius Caesar on the web because everyone pushes their own interpretation and it's difficult to see what their sources are. I would try *...
  5. machiavel

    Role of Optimates/Populares

    Is this for Latin or Ancient Hist.? (*whacks self* Ignore that - I didn't see the thread index.) The optimates (also 'boni' i.e. 'the good men') were ultraconservatives who blocked the motions of the senate made by the more moderate populares, so the two parties' major function was - to be...
  6. machiavel

    Distinction Courses: Interest and discussion on the proposed cancellation of courses

    Re: Distinction Courses: Interest and discussion on the proposed cancellation of cour Not necessarily. DC entry depends on whether your school allows acceleration. For example I did Cosmology in 2006 despite Ascham not allowing acceleration: I simply submitted the form along with a letter...
  7. machiavel

    To All You Latin People:

    scisne TNguyen emmendatum scribere ut fortes linguam latinam turpissimam dicant esse?
  8. machiavel

    Latin Summer School

    Any 4A people? Catullan wedding songs (that looks hard) and selections from Ovid? I'll be the (hopefully not dumb :p) blonde with glasses. The bookstall always has excellent grammar books (a must for HSC & uni), but the more interesting history ones are always $70-150. Too expensive for me!
  9. machiavel

    Latin Continuers

    What were the unseens for this year? Ours (2006) were very simple, particularly the Virgil (although there was a nasty nom/abl choice in the last line). Last year's exam _really_ didn't prepare me for the leap to uni exams. If you thought grammar was bad now...
  10. machiavel

    It was easy! Do you agree?

    There is definitely!!!!!! no a in definitely
  11. machiavel

    anyone applying for uk unis?

    The British Council just sent me round in circles. :burn: I tried applying for the Maths Tripos at Cambridge, which is a bachelor's in maths+phys+comp. sci., but their prerequisite is a distinction-equivalent in the STEP Maths II & III or HD in I & II. 2 problems: a) STEP I Q1 is like the...
  12. machiavel

    ComputATIONAL Science

    USyd has a manjor in computational science, which seems to be about using IT to solve physics problems. Is this as useful as doing a IT minor in DBMS? I can't do a full IT major b/c I have to do 24cp maths and 12+cp of phys in each sem. of 3rd year. So do I do the applied comp sci or the...
  13. machiavel

    Computational Science

    Has anyone done 3rd year COSC? If so, is it worth doing the 1st year subjects, or can I just learn C in the summer hols without a problem? Damn cosc in C clashes in EVERY session....
  14. machiavel


    What's the night viewing assigment like? I'm thinking of doing astronomy but my vision is shite, so I'd probably fail the assignment.
  15. machiavel

    Maths Subjects

    Are the stats units worth doing for physics majors? I have to major in maths and it looks like I'll end up majoring in physics instead of COSC. I'm not planning to do research as a long-term career, so could I manage with MATH1904 instead of doing STAT2911/2912 (models & tests) etc etc?
  16. machiavel

    Advanced Unit Enrollment

    The evil evil USyd software/computing course is INFO1903. It's a fantastic course and is extremely useful because it covers a widee range of topics, but... should be at least 12cp!! It took me more time than 2 maths subjects and physics combined. Admittedly, I didn't have prior...
  17. machiavel

    Latin Summer School

    I'm going - 3B/4A. I did 3A in 2004 and haven't really improved much since, but I think a few people from Sydney Uni Saturday latin will be doing it. Being the only Latin student in my class for 2 years running is really annying at events like this, b/c inevitably no-one whom I know goes. :(...
  18. machiavel

    question 16 ?

    Here is my solution. It took me ages to get the (*&@^$*) html right. And for the last time, you can absolutely not use GPE=mgh because: 1. g is not constant when the changes in altitude are so large. The whole point of learning Newton's Law of...
  19. machiavel

    Lingua Latina

    Does anyone else on the forum do Latin? Where are you getting practice Livy questions from?
  20. machiavel

    question 16 ?

    According to my phys teacher 0.75MJ is right. Should I be worried that he did it in his head while he was on the phone? From memory it said that the object was 10 000, then 20 000 then 80 000km above the surface of a planet, not necessarily Earth, so you can't sub in for M. (BTW it has to be...