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    Section III - Personalities

    Did Ahenaten. Praying for 20+?? Section A - don't evennn remember...? Section B - Pretty much cried with happiness! Had gone over those EXACT notes earlier that morning so I'm praying for epic brownie points in that section. My officials tombs was kinda wasted though... Sadness. Although...
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    Section II - Societies

    Minoans = EPIC WIN. When they pulled out Palace Economy I was like YESBITCHYES! Palace economy is about the easiest thing you can talk about apart from craft and industry. Was also pretty stoked about women and buildings - focused on women and religion and was like what other women...
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    Had to do it - Band 6 anyone?

    Ehhh. I'll probably band five it. I majorly screwed some parts - CORE (tourism) and NKE (ran out of time) but I'm well satisfied with sections 2&3 so... who knows? =S But, yahh. Hmmmm... Band 5, high? DAMN TOURISM AND STUPID 3 HOUR EXAMS! >=\ Yeah, okay, tourism wasn't THAT bad but I didn't...
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    Important:section four of examination

    They want 25 points of relevant information, length is irrelevant. Although, in saying that, my teacher said they do WANT you to try and fill the entire booklet... =)G'luck in the exam. (God knows I'm going to need it... =| Wahwah.)
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    If you hate English, you must post here in celebration

    Describe, with reference to no texts whatsoever, your joy at finishing highschool English forever... FUCK. YES. 20/20!!!!!!!! LOL - I'm so happy I'm about the explode, hahaha. But, ahem, Ancient History now. Never been so happy to look at my core texbook lol. (Ancient, ftw!!!) =) =) =) =) =) =)...
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    What do you think you will score out of 60?

    I got a dismal 38 for trials - I had nooooooooooooo idea when it came to Hamlet, ohgod. Hoping for at least over 45 this time! Pfft. Please? Pleasepleasepleaseplease. English is not my band 6 essay subject, Ancient History is so yahh... Band 5, ftw? =\
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2 (Modules)

    Did okay? Filled almost a whole booklet on Hamlet, awesome question - totally suited my thesis/interpretation so yay, devo'ed that I didn't get to a second booklet but, meh. Can't win 'em all.Bladerunner and Frankenstein were, meh, I was pretty much WTF SHITTTTT! when I read it, but I went back...
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    Importance of quotes

    And I would agree. Quotes = ESSENTIAL. Google quotes if you have to but find them; now.
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    Frankenstein and bladerunner - disagreeing with the syllabus

    Those values aren't seen in Frakenstein either! When you think about it, the only person who shows the poor, lonely and frightened creature any compassion is the blind father... =O Shelley is HIGHLY critical of society and prejudice and blahblahblah in Frankenstein, as seen in the treatment of...
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    Frankenstein and bladerunner - disagreeing with the syllabus

    Exaggerate their contextual differences? Scott was concerned with globalisation, industrialisation, the rise of corporate America and the MASSIVE population boom - Asian's moving into Western culture, plus there was some others...? Shelley, however, had no idea what most of this stuff was...
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    history and memory

    Write about the way the text re-presents this information. In other words how it shows or depicts an event/person/whatever. Also, make specific reference to the affect this has upon it's audience. For H+M specifically, you're going to want to talk about how this representation affects history...
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    1 or 2 related texts for module c???

    Depends on what you say in that amount of words? Most tend to be around 800-1000 though, don't they? Most of the people I know tend to do around the thousand mark. I am an INCREDIBLY SLOW WRITER so I tend to be around 800ish. =(
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    Do you use first person?

    I find it so incredibly hard to use "I", "My", etcetc in essays! You know, considering the fact that in every single other on we do it's third person based... I think (lol) that, honestly, the markers will realise it is your interpretation of what you have gained from the text, whether you...
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    Please please reply to this thread as soon as possible!!! URGENT

    My teacher told me that purely the fact that it is still relevant to us today, that as a contemporary society we can learn something from Hamlet, gives it textual integrity. He said that we don't really need to emphasise it throughout the essay, because it'll be clear through our argument... Or...
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    1 or 2 related texts for module c???

    When asked to write about "at least" one text, that's just code for "write about two or more texts, but for the love of god do at least one". If it asks you to write about "ONE", it means one. If you're worried, consider how that representation of that (whatever it is) effects the responders...
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    Using "P+P" and "Letters..." in exam??

    I agree with MatildaR. Tomorrow I'll be replying with abbreviations as titles can be cumbersome to continuously write. When you introduce your texts in the introduction, do it then - the 'declaring'. Markers will know that hereafter you will refer to the text 'titles' as these abbreviations...
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    Frankenstein and bladerunner - disagreeing with the syllabus

    Luckily for you the point of English is not to agree or disagree with the syllabus. If you want, just fence-sit it! Basically, agree that, yes, they do have similar everythings, but they also have remarkably different everythings. Back this up with evidence (provide two sides to every...
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    Lets share band 6 essays!!

    Go get the exemplar essays from previous years would be my advice. Google it. =D Next year, probably around Feburary/March, our top essay answers (exemplar answers) will be available from Board of Studies. (Damn them for changing the syllabus this year, twice as much work for us! Betches...
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    Rubric for Module A

    Go to the Board of Studies site. All information on the exam rubric and syllabuses is under 'HSC Syllabuses'. =P Good luck tomorrow!
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    Frankenstein and bladerunner - disagreeing with the syllabus

    Let's not forget keywords such as similar (aka, not the same, but not different) and may (aka, not absolute) - basically giving us the opportunity to say whatever the hell we like about BR+F, as long as we can back it up with evidence and such... As is the point of English. =P And, yeah...