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    Graphing Q the magflux graph is positive SINE what is the second graph according to this question
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    Urgent help please..

    Anyone can heelp me out a little
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    Urgent help please..

    The Meissner effect is the expulsion of all field lines from within a superconductor. In my scenario im placing the magnet onto an already cooling material, this surely cant be the meissner effect
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    Urgent help please..

    Yea, sorry my bad, I mean, why does the magnet remain in its position? Its surely not the meissner effect taking place here
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    Urgent help please..

    Anyone experienced with the experiments done with cooled supeconductors, can you explain the experiment with a little detail where they place a magnet over an already cooled superconductor? I have an explanation myself but theres alot of confliction between a couple people i know.
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    Are type 1 and type 2 superconductors ...

    Are type 1 and type 2 superconductors specifically in our syllabus?
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    Someone help with this Q!

    If i place a magnet over an already cooling superconductor. The magnet repels by the production of eddy currents, but what keeps it in the position?
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    Help with this Q!

    Why is it not a positive sin non phase shift?, given that faradays law is (- n (change in flux) )
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    Help with this Q!

    If i gave you a magnetic flux vs time graph as a positive cosine non phase shifted function, that is its initially at a maximum. What is the induced emf graph?
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    Should I do 4U maths?

    Relax, its not that hard. Definitely go for it.
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    Chances of Plank Einstein Debate?

    Hello! Could anyone give their thoughts on the possibility of the Plank Einstein debate on science's involvement in political affairs question coming up? Its such a burden to remember, even if its just key points.. In my opinion it has no physics involvement at all
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    How do you do this q? ^ Thank you :)
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    2017 HSC Mathematics Paper thoughts

    This is true, we never go over the case of R=0, but then the man spits a good point, 3 marks for that 0 < a < 4 seems a little dodgy.
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    Combinatorics "Piles"

    The reason you ever divide by the number of groups factorial is because choosing ABC DEF GHI is the same as DEF GHI ABC therefore we get 3! more arrangements. in the 2nd situation, there is an unequal number of people in each of the groups, therefore you dont need to divide by 3! as...
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    Is it worth keeping Advanced in my case? (Ex-HSC marker teacher)

    Wow, most of the exemplars i see have like 7 single sided papers, your writing must've been full of quality
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    Is it worth keeping Advanced in my case? (Ex-HSC marker teacher)

    When you guys are saying 3-4 pages, are you saying 3-4 double sided pages, or 3-4 sides?
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    band 6 or high band 5 in standard english requirements?

    You actual mark doesnt get aligned down im fairly sure, its just whether or not it'll align up. The scaling has to do with its impact on your atar, but the actual hsc mark for english standard doesnt necessarily go down Im quite sure.
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    Relationships ..?

    Compose a short story that shows how relationships lead to provocative discoveries. ^ Can such relationship be a relationship with land? Like for example someone who has sentimental value with a certain place, and the discovery of it being destroyed or something? Or are they just talking...
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    Help with this question please

    I know that at maximum speed the back emf that a motor has is approximately equal to the supply emf, (which ultimately causes its speed to cap). But im confused with the words "it draws a current of 4A". Its probably not a complicated issue at all, just a little confused, any help would be...
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    HSC 2017 MX1 Marathon

    Was the answer to this, multiples of 4?