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    Belonging essay introduction - please check

    I just wanted to add that while including a quote in the first sentence looks really good and professional for the actual HSC exam I would probably advise against it purely because it makes it look as if your answer is prepared/rote learnt which would make the marker think you don't really know...
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    Please Help - Life is Beautiful and Belonging

    niice thanks man!
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    Please Help - Life is Beautiful and Belonging

    Hey guys, I apologise if this has already been posted but would someone just be able to give me a quick idea on how belonging is represented in the film Life is Beautiful - I can't really see the connection. Thanks!
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    Commerce Textbooks for sale!!

    FINANCE AND ECONOMICS TEXTBOOKS FOR SALE!!!! FINS1613: Business Finance Essentials of Corporate Finance by Ross (1st Edition) ISBN: 9780070121119 Excellent Condition RRP: $122.95 NOW: $70 FINS1612: Capital Markets and Institutions Financial Institutions, Instruments...
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    First year commerce books for sale!!

    FIRST YEAR COMMERCE BOOKS FOR SALE!!! MACROECONOMICS 1 - ECON1102 Principles of Macroeconomics by Bernanke - 2nd Edition 2009 ISBN: 9780070135277 Also in Excellent Condition RRP: $114.95 NOW - $65 Willing to meet near/at Central station or at UNSW Kensington campus. PM me if you want to...
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    Got 96 in 2U HSC. Give up for 4U?!

    If you get say 99 in 2u 95 in 3u and 91 in 4u and hypothetically speaking the 2unit mark counted better towards your ATAR - would the Board of Studies count the 2unit mark or are they forced to count the 3unit and 4 unit marks?
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    UNSW Law Entry

    will76 you will get in. callum21 you most probably won't get in.
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    Entry into law with a 99.25 Atar?

    Hey Don't worry about numbers - in all honest truth they mean nothing - I say this because - if UNSW take 200 law admissions - 200 of these aren't HSC graduates. The UAI is so artificially high because in essence the majority of people that actually get into UNSW Law are Graduate students -...
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    PASS leader

    Also to munchiecrunchie - of course theyre not going to discuss academic success - they have your UAI, your Tertiary results and any scholarships all at the press of a button. While UAI and scholarships may not be important at all, my point is that they arent going to discuss that knowing that...
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    PASS leader

    The written application never allowed one to demonstrate whether they were involved in a range of extracurricular activities and with that - while doing law may be more time consuming than a straight commerce degree - is it not simply coincidental that 90 percent of the Quant/Econ PASS leaders...
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    PASS leader

    Yea mayber that's it - where you need that HD average in your first year subjects. I still think it's rude of them to simply say you need a D in the required subjects when in essence you have to do Law, have to have a scholarship, a HD average and then of course be able to teach. Then again...
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    PASS leader

    Yeah but I didn't just get over 75 - I got a HD in Micro - admittedly I don't have a HD average like some students - I have a D average and do Comm/Law. I think i must have failed the macro final for me not to have had an interview. However with that being said I DO NOT KNOW what the our...
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    PASS leader

    yea but it's too late hey - have the interviews been on yet? do you know of anyone who got an interview? for a change i actually wanted this position - i got a decent mark for micro (>75) but now i'm thinking i got a credit or lower for macro which makes me ineligible. Bit disappointing for...
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    PASS leader

    hey has anyone heard anything back yet who has applied to be a PASS leader? I haven't gotten an email or anything so I'm assuming I didn't get an interview but I was half expecting one of those unsuccessful emails that they send you.
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    Cost of Int'l Studies

    Can someone please tell me what sort of financial assistance UNSW provides for students who study international studies and go overseas for the year? Do they just pay for flights or do they pay for accom or pay for nothing? Thanks.
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    Int'l Studies

    hey what does UNSW pay for if you do int'studies if anyone knows? like just flights or accom as well or nothing?
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    Subject Outlines desperately needed.

    If anyone has an online version of subject outlines for: 70115 - Perspectives of Law (Spring Semester) 70120 - Legal Method and Research (Spring Semester) I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if they could please post it. Thanks.
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    UTS Subject Outlines Exchange (Table of Contents on First Post)

    If anyone has an online version of subject outlines for: 70115 - Perspectives of Law (Spring Semester) 70120 - Legal Method and Research (Spring Semester) I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if they could please post it. Thanks.