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    UWS hawkesbury

    B/ Nursing. Any other guys doing the course?
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    You got any notes for Opton on SPorts History? I'll swap Improv. Perf. notes or CORE 1/2 with you?

    You got any notes for Opton on SPorts History? I'll swap Improv. Perf. notes or CORE 1/2 with you?
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    if you have two exams in one day are you allowed to go home and come back?

    Of course! As long as you return, you are no longer enrolled in the school technically. they can't stop you. But it would be a bit silly, just take lunch with you and wind down or hit the books for some last minute cramming
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    I need help about my ATAR (no working out involved)

    I have a query.. As I go to a catholic school, religion is compulsory. I am doing 1U, and not looking forward to the exam on Wednesday. What has always bothered me is... i do 11 units. will that 1 unit of religion count at all in regards to my atar? or would it only count if i got a mystery...
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    post if you have a shit trial timetable

    thats not that bad? look at the gaps you got. First week mon- english tues- english wed- biology thurs-religion 1 fri- chilax week 2 mon-Maths gen tues- CRAM wed- Business Services and PDHPE thurs- CHI...working :/ fri- see thursday
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    Courses for the HSC classic combo package?

    do something you enjoy doing. whatever that may be.
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    Cssa pdhpe

    yeah so happy lol. But still, the extended response on the ottawa charter. that is practically a core on its own.. so many examples for each action area.
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    Cssa pdhpe

    improving performance. havnt started sports medicine. so they are modifying the paper.
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    Cssa pdhpe

    its the other way around. core 2 is a piece of cake. Core 1 is a bitch.
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    Business Services- CSSA

    out of curioisty, How many of you do this subject? Who is prepared for this? I got 87% with no study in pre-lims..hopefully i can pull that on off again. It's a fairly easy topic, most of it is common sense.
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    Cssa pdhpe

    time is the same for all Cssa i thought.. if thats the case, we should all be sitting it tomorrow. Im looking forward to it. just gotta brush up on skill aq. and all the crap about the Ottawa Charter. 50$ says there will be an extended response on O.C
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    who else enjoys the night angel trilogy??

    most favourite book series.i have read every book twice. Its friggen awesome.
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    Hardest general maths topic?

    i'de have to go with 2d geometry. That shit is crazy
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    Surfers Paradise 2011

    Chevron all the way!! They have been screwin with our arrangements since last august (when we payed!). SO they upgraded us to the top(ish) floor for free
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    ...The Road Ahead

    1-2 syllabus dot point(s) per subject every day. past papers every 2 days.
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    General maths...

    85 or so breaks even. 90+ scales up.
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    CSSA- Biology

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    CSSA- Biology

    it's both.. originally it was one gene one protein and then it was changed to one gene one polypeptide through furthur research. I think both had to be stated, followed by a brief explanation of what it was..even though it was worth 2 marks. I had no clue, and by sheer dumb luck i wrote one...
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    One hell of a misadventure - news.

    I expect her to be at the exams as soon as it is off her neck.