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    Don't know what I want to do in uni..

    Honestly there is nothing wrong with not knowing what you want to do at uni, lots of people quit before the census day or change courses so you're not alone! Just go through the course handbook and find out more about what interests you. Talk to your careers advisor as well. Remember the cut off...
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    Cracking knuckles?

    The cracking you hear when you crack your knuckes is actually the popping of gas bubbles in the synovial fluid of the joint as the pressure changes in the joint. Cracking your knuckles will not cause athritis although if you do it frequently enough you can cause ligament laxity (over stretching...
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    Indigenous Suicide

    I completely agree, nuture over nature. If children grow up in environments where no one values education, where there is inadaquate access to health services, where they are expected to fail, where their home lives are disjointed and messy of course you will end up in this mess. It's a vicous...
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    Indigenous Suicide

    I think this is the type of thinking that contributes to these kinds of problems. How can they feel equal or capable they grow up with the perception that their brains are not as evolved. I know plenty of indigenous people who are much smarter than the average person by the way.
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    The Official NRL Thread

    That's being generous! Won't be the same without him.
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    Is it still possible to get 99 atar if failed half yearlies?

    That depends, how close are the ranks. If only a few marks seperate everyone you might be able to catch up if you ace everything else for the rest of the year. Trials are the most important exams in terms of ranks and they make a BIG difference. They come up a lot quicker than everyone expects...
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    worst/best english novel you have ever read in school?

    Best 1984 in ext english year 11. Worst Romeo and Juliet in year 9. We had seperate boy and girl english classes in year 8-10 and our delusional teacher actually thought Romeo and Juliet would interest a class full of girls.
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    What Should I do? -Help!

    What in particular do you love about Chemsitry by the way? You can go into a science degree and see where that takes you or biomedical/health science? You might also like a career in allied health like Pharmacy or dietetics?
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    What Should I do? -Help!

    Don't stress it's perfectly normal to have no idea what you want to do! After you register at uac (the site we use to apply for uni) you can change your course preferences as many times as you like. You can keep changing until after you actually have your hsc results (sometime in january 2013...
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    I Hate University

    Personally spending several hours a day in a lecture theatre and and researching/studying just isn't my thing. I do like the hands on components to my course though! I'd just rather be in the real world do things. Uni is a bit of a half life I guess.
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    I Hate University

    Dear God yes! Quite frankly I'd MUCH prefer working in a supermarket to this uni crap. Luckily I'm at the point where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you're REALLY hating it consider if you're in the right course for you, otherwise hold on as long as the reward at the end is...
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    okay... now IM REALLLY SCARED!

    Honestly you're still at the start of the race. Everything changes around Trials. Your marks for the most part aren't that bad at all. Work out what you need to improve on and go from there. A lot of people drop off in the lead up to trials. It's important you study effectively for these as...
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    Should I drop Mathematics?

    Drop it!!! If you check your uni course and Maths is not required then why on earth would you take it? I dropped math in year 12 and it was the best decision I've made! I hated that subject and it was my worst by far. Good scaling only helps you if you do well. Also to do well in Maths a fair...
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    Biology or Economics?

    Consider what you want to do at uni. If you want to do a health science I definitely recommend Biology!!
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    moving out of an abusive home

    You should contact Life Line (13 11 14) and get some professional advice. I'm sure there would be some services that you could access to help you get out of that environment. As your home situation is intollerable and causing emotional/physical harm you should definitely qualify for youth allowance.
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    Study tips for the following subjects

    For English (And any subject really) practice questions, practice questions, practice questions. For English I made a list of very well analysed quotes for each text so I could easily remember them in a pinch. This became my bible when it came to exam time and was really easy to study as...
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    Play sport in Year 12?

    Definitely play! You need to have fun and have a life outside HSC. You really don't need to do too much work in HSC until the lead up to the trials. Sport is good to release stress and improve mental performance and sleep so as long as you're organised you'll be fine!
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    Group-based Assessments at Uni

    I think I'm the only person who has had great results doing group work at uni. I got to choose what group I was in and everyone was very motivated. Got great results. It pays to befriend the smartest person in your course :D
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    Organ Donation

    Also as you said, when you monetize is the supply will increase. Who are these organs coming from? Are you going to sell your organs? I doubt it!