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  1. Hannargh

    Hi! :)

    Hi! :)
  2. Hannargh

    your best friend

    I haven't seen my first best friends in over 12 years, they were twins and I was shattered when the suddenly moved school. From Kindy to Year 10 I had a best friend and it was all cool. Then this guy came along and blah and blah and blah got her in with the wrong sorts of people, and now we...
  3. Hannargh

    Issues with the world of chocolate.

    I don't think you quite get it, Cadbury wants us to imagine a world made up of chocolate, they don't want us to image the world we live in now as a place of chocolate. So teeth won't rot cause they will already be chocolate, the chocolate sun won't melt chocolate bridges because the sun is made...
  4. Hannargh

    Are you Ugly?

    I am fat, therefore I am ugly (says everyone). If I wasn't fat, I'd look quite pretty.
  5. Hannargh

    How much money do you spent on clothes every month?

    Finding clothes that fit and suits me is soooo hard, so I'll normally go a quite a few months, previously I've gone up to a year or two, without getting new stuff. If I happen to find something suitable I'd get it, no matter the price. Over a year I doubt I'd pass the $200 mark.
  6. Hannargh

    The Drinking Thread!!!!

    Of all the things Mum had to get me from duty-free, it had to be a 1.25L bottle Johnny Walker Red Label, I don't even like the stuff.
  7. Hannargh

    Google sued after woman hit by car

    Pity she didn't die, stupid woman.
  8. Hannargh

    what's your fave ice-cream?

    Those Mud Puddles were the best mmmmmmmm yummmmmmm
  9. Hannargh

    europe or america

    Europe for sure...
  10. Hannargh


    A cake pancake I just made with my boyfriend. Decided to make a cake, but our urge to cook pancakes overtook, so we used the cake batter to make pancakes.
  11. Hannargh

    Do you pay board to live at home?

    My boyfriend had to pay $50 a week when he lived at home, him being 1 out of 8 kids, it's easy to see why his parents needed the money. I on the other hand am lucky that I don't have to pay anything, and being the only one in the family without a job, Mum and Dad spoil me more :o
  12. Hannargh

    What was ur first day @ Uni like, Uni Students?

    First day was good, just had 1 hr tute (first lecture during O-Week!) then hung out with a friend for abit, then walked home for a few hours. Later on watched 'Bad Boy Bubby' that one of my lectures put on in one of the classrooms.
  13. Hannargh

    Doctor's office CSU Wagga

    There was one AGES ago, cause I can remember going to it as a kid, but I'm not sure if it's there anymore....
  14. Hannargh

    best movie endings?

    The ending of Perfume still makes me go :spzz: especially the massive orgy bit. Keeping Mum another unexpected ending.
  15. Hannargh

    5 of your favourite non-musical sounds

    The sound of wind through the trees and running water while floating down the river. Ticking clocks and the soft beep of a phone off the hook.
  16. Hannargh

    Social Outcasts?

  17. Hannargh

    Social Outcasts?

    I feel like a social outcake on this website :(
  18. Hannargh

    Your favourite music from back in the day

    Britney Spears Backstreet Boys Hanson Killing Heidi Shania Twain Spice Girls Cher I still occasionally listen to them :o After years and years of having a song stuck in my head and being unable to know the name of it, I found it! I loved it as a kid <3 YouTube - The Cranberries - Dreams
  19. Hannargh

    worst air travel/ things you hate most about air travel

    OMG I hate crying babies/kids :mad: