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    what's your worst/best topic?

    what's your fave/best topic and why? what's your worst/most hated topic and why? does your fave/hated differ from your best/worst? give the generic topic and what your specific focus was. my fave was probably ancient Society- Minoans. super interesting and cool. physical sources instead of...
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    Pompeii Q- modern methods and technologies

    ok, i don't know about all you lot, but i seriously disliked this question. if i had children, i definately wouldn't let my kids go play over at this question's kid's house- it was totally bad news. did every one besides me know all about these supposed multiple fancy technologies to talk...
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    Pompeii and Herculaneum Food Question

    yea, that's a problem i have with that particular question format, i never know if i can talk about stuff outside the source. i mean, they're always on your ass about referencing the sources when they tell you to, so theoretically you should do exactly what the question says, and it DOESN"T say...
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    Hatshepsut Question!

    i think i probably wrote about the same, thinking about it. length wise. for part A i did a brief outline of her relationship with Tut 3, her claims to the throne, her divine birth and coronation reliefs, her change in titles and image. for part B i wrote about punt and her military campains...
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    Module B: Critical Study of Texts

    In The Skin of A Lion question- totally not what i was expecting, characterisation of Patrick? sure, i knew all about Patrick, and i could talk about it vicariously through my analysis of scenes, but i seriously wasn't expecting that. there wasn't even a direct mention to readings! that was...
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    Plagarism - double standards

    as a recommended text for the course, isn't it expected that the teacher will use it when teaching? it's like saying a teacher is plagerising the syllabus if they don't reference it. it's the course material - i don't think there's any need to reference the source. i guess it could be annoying...
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    my first draft of my reflection statement

    Um, this is my first reflection statement draft, which is due today. if people can look over it and tell me if i'm on the right track that would be cool.:) Arg, i'm paranoid, i pretty sure it's not that good, probably heaps rambling and stuff. please be kind, lol. Others can post their too...
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    How often are people working?

    yeah... i'm one of those people who do nothing all term and promise they'll get stuck into it during the holidays. now it's due in four weeks and i've done shite all and am stressing out. i've done two, incomplete drafts that suck. that's all. i guess it would be cool if i could spend one...
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    could I trouble you for an opinion? =)

    my theory goes, you write how you write best, and try to make it as 'different' or 'original' as possible so hopefully it'll stand out for the markers. of course there's the tact of making some fancy, PoMo shite, but if that does float your boat just do what you're confident with.
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    Who only does Ext 1 to do Ext 2?

    i dislike ext 1 most of the time, but that's also because my teacher is a super hard-arse and seriously puts the pressure on, which makes me stress out and dislike it intensely (as well as the teacher, secretly though, because every one else seems to love her). ext 2, in theory, would be more...
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    does the report have to be retrospective? as in, AFTER you've done the piece?

    i've got my report (that's the second last assessment, the last one if the reflection statement) due this week, and i haven't finished my major yet (it's a short story) - do you know if the report has to be retrospective as though i've finished it? because i don't know how i'm going to manage...
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    How did your Vivas go?

    mine was good, although i had written veeeeeery little - it leaned mostly on my bullshitting ability and ideas of what i 'planned' to do. mine was marked out if 25 and i got 20, so i'm happy with that. i babbled a bit though, but that's just because i have a problem with public speaking. i did...