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    Cat Scan Vs X Ray

    fanks guys very helpful
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    Anybody NOT going to schoolies at all?

    you dont have to get "shitfaced" or do anything like that my friends and i are going on a road trip cos were more into that kind of thing i get why you dont want to go to queensland etc but dont you want to spend some time celebrating with the friends you went through school with?
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    tutoring is only useful if you have a crap teacher or you find it really hard to understand the content and so your teacher alone is not enough sometimes just asking your friends is useful to get a new explanation just chill you, sound stressed...if you work hard enough and manage to...
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    yoga & losing weight

    i know a few positions the "abdominal lift" is meant to reduce the waist and tighten the stomach yoga is good for toning...not so sure about loosing weight but good luck
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    Choose between Chemistry, Physics and Economics.

    i do physics and that's pretty good it's a lot of work but scales really well if that's what you want chem at my school is a bit dodgy and i dont do it but i think it's pretty similar to physics in terms of work load i didnt even know economics was an option