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    Honestly guys......

    Don' forget Don't forget there r more than one type of love. Guess maybe ppl identify diff. ones at diff. ages.
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    If you've lost your virginity, at what age?

    hey isn't it said Isn't it said that guys can tell that a chick is a virgin or not when they are having sex with her..
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    any o-week stories to share???!!!

    Just re'ber there are quite a few of us in that boat!
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    How easy for transfers at UNE? HELP

    Thanks. I was trying to avoid DipEd cause they are going to make it an extra year long and I didn't see the Do a bachelor instead. I'm glad about the transfer much help. Thanks!
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    O Week

    Don't stress. Damn. I'm not 18 till mid JUNE!
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    How easy for transfers at UNE? HELP

    I am in trouble. My preferences are 1. B/A and B/Teach at UNE, 2. B/A at UNE, 3. B/A and B/Teach at Newy, 4. B/A at Newy. These were with the intention of going to UNE (with BA at UNE) and transfering over to BA/Teach if I didn't get the UAI. I have my UAI and it is higher than last yr's...
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    Transfer from BA > BA DipEd > B Media @ MQ

    I've been told at some uni's that Dip Ed will be lengthen by a year. If this is true would it affect your thoughts? Might be something to check up on though.
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    Official HSC Results Thread: So how did u go?

    Damn. I am content with my UAI of 78.7. Didn't need any higher. Know someone who got 4 band 6's and a 5. lol smart ass
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    Anyone Heard back about the Principal Recc. Yet?

    When do college offers come out?
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    Anyone Heard back about the Principal Recc. Yet?

    good Usually ppl just buy it for me. lol looks like i won't be the only one there like that though. Much more than I thought. Good
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    Anyone Heard back about the Principal Recc. Yet?

    AHK I'm younger still I turn 18 in mid June!!! Damn. I look even YOUNGER than that still!!! Unfortunate me!
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    Anyone Heard back about the Principal Recc. Yet?

    Me Too I wanted that course too. Une though is my first prefered PLACE. But cause so many want that course they took it out of principals' rec. so have to wait for uai. Got accepted for BA and B Mathematics/Teaching though. Maybe can transfer over if I had bad day with exams. UAI is meant...
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    Anyone Heard back about the Principal Recc. Yet?

    Mojo What's Duval like? I went on tour and got cool pHD guy. That you?
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    2005 Timetables

    u advise? I want to do to majors too. eng and maths. and then minor in history. Need to do extra on degree though
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    Anyone Heard back about the Principal Recc. Yet?

    Hey, I got accepted too!! I have called Duval too.
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    Great help for empathy

    Get the book 'Spartan' can't remember the author though. History teachers should know. Its a narrative though. Perfect for looking a historical spartan and greek world figures as individuals and as society. Helps things fit together and their context.
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    Thoughts on History Extension

    Anyone else go in the History Exten Project Competition??
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    Thoughts on History Extension

    easier The work load gets easier though.
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    Thoughts on History Extension

    I do it via distance ed. It's ok. I have a pretty damn caring teacher that rings up every few days to help. Project is fun though. Prob. is with Distance ed I was the only one doing it so of course got 1st. Marks were good enough for it though. My HSC exam thus was worth 100 wooping percent...
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    A beautiful mind???????

    Don't forget to explain HOW they work ie the mood how does this relate to the journey??