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    Picking 2 Unit Math - Should I drop to General?

    Most university courses require completion of Mathematics, so unless you want to have to take a bridging course you might wanna stick with 2U.
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    2016 HSC Chemistry Exam Predictions

    90.77% carbonate
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    Exam thoughts??

    Once the electron moves, it's no longer stationary, so it has to be C. Otherwise, they're mental.
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    Last Question of Section 1

    Gravitational potential energy --> kinetic energy --> electrical energy... you can just find the change in GPE. I got about 7.4J, but I think that might be wrong (I used the change from the radius of mars to 1m below the surface, when it should've done it from 1m above the surface down to the...
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    Rocket Thrust Question

    Where's the question part of this question?
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    IPT Thoughts

    Yes. What did you guys put for MC Q13 and Q17 (respectively, which of the following best describes a bridge and a hub)?
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    Quick Help with Assignment

    Somewhat frequently. Mostly outside of business hours. Considering most are food or fragile, small objects, very important. Never had this issue. N/A. Actually, it's quite the opposite.
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    Where does the energy for Meissner effect come from?

    It doesn't, unless you have a strong enough magnetic field. If your magnet is stronger than the intrinsic critical magnetic field for your superconducting material, then the Meissner effect provides a force of repulsion, thereby levitating the material (or superconductor, depending on the way...
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    Where does the energy for Meissner effect come from?

    The force placed on the superconducting material causes a change in magnetic flux. Due to Lenz's law, this change in magnet flux generates a current that gives rise to a magnetic field equal in magnitude but opposite in direction to the magnetic field that generated it. In superconductors, this...
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    Why is the IPT forum dead?

    That's interlacing for ya. :p I imagine SDD is steadily gaining popularity as a course nowadays. Not sure why IPT isn't really popular, it's easy band 5/6 without studying.
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    How you do this? Help plz

    P = (50Kg)(2x10^4 m/s) P = 1,000,000Kgm/s Due to the law of conservation of momentum & since thrust is constant (until out of fuel), the downwards momentum is counteracted by an upwards momentum that launches the rocket. 1,000,000Kgm/s = (5x10^4)v v = 20m/s One second later, the...
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    Preliminary Chemistry

    Add appropriate equations where possible.
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    im panicking...

    They won't accept any excuses because they see it as you having an advantage over other students. If they were to accept it, then they would also have to accept other people handing it late, and then the whole concept of having a due date in the first place breaks down. You'll have to follow...
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    HSC 2016 Maths Marathon (archive)

    Re: HSC 2016 2U Marathon Isn't that just y = -x (for x => 0)
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    A Comprehensive list of Source Code Websites and Programming Sites

    Udemy: W3Schools: Lynda: Caveofprogramming: Dreamincode:
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    Algorithm/pseudo code help

    Make a map (mental or other) of how data flows within an algorithm; what data is being sent around to each function keeping in mind the purpose of the system to visualise how input becomes output. Use Eclipse (or Sublime, if that's your thing) where possible for proper syntax...
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    "Assess" Keyword

    When using the assess keyword (specifically, in terms of the following syllabus outcome), do we need to state whether or not it is more positively impacting or more negatively impacting, or should we simply outline that it is a relatively significant/insignificant impact on society. That is...
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    Prelim Chem Thread

    Yep, I forgot what chemical it is though exactly. I know it has something to do with carbonates.