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    Hospitality Multiple Choice

    they do look at structure, because if u look at the top of the page where they tell u wat they look for in an answer, it says it there. Everything relates back to English lol i know it sucks :S
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    Hospitality Multiple Choice

    it cant be B because from 5 degree - 60 degrees is the danger zone for bacteria to grow very quickly. from -8 and below bacteria cannot grow but above that bacteria grows at a very slow rate which can be eliminated very qucikly :S
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    is anyone scared about hospitality?
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    Mulitple choice answers

    ******bored Of Studies****** Bored of Studies could you please post the FINAL answers up for the multiple choice section. Thankyou :)
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    how many pages did you write?

    i wrote: s1: 8 pages s2: 7.5 pages s3: 8
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    HSC Advice Line - 1. Biz Management & Change

    Koukla u hav awesome notes! do u hav any for the financial topic, thats the topic im really struggling with thank you ;)
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    Mulitple choice answers

    To the Bored Of Studies Could you please put the correct finalised answers up for the health Multiple choice 2005 Thankyou "Don't let go of your dreams"