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    Tips on passing ACCT1501?

    it balanced once you threw in retained profits
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    Distinction Courses: Interest and discussion on the proposed cancellation of courses

    Re: Distinction Courses: Interest and discussion on the proposed cancellation of cour what do i do if i don't have a principal OH GOD
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    Cochella coming to australia?

    given that we're having atp in january now, fuck coachella.
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    Best Albums of 2008.

    oh god yes, i wouldn't miss it for anything also i have a couple more for the list paul westerberg - 49:00 paavoharju - laulu laakson kukista los campesinos! - hold on now, youngster... all fantastic listens, and i'm cutting erykah from the list sadly. it didn't hold up to repeat...
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    who cares.
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    What album(s) did you listen to today?

    listening to an horse's debut ep atm, it's rather good gave the pipettes a run earlier, fucking sweet. i ended up dancing on the bus and illiciting cheers all around.
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    fuck hadouken. in the ass. hard. without lube.
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    What album(s) did you listen to today?

    buzzcocks - another music in a different kitchen pas/cal - i was raised on matthew, mark, luke and laura paavoharju - laulu laakson kukista all stellar.
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    What was the last CD you bought?

    that's odd, given that it's the best album incubus ever made
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    Best Techno/Dance/House music (song or album) EVER!!!

    new album by the mole is fucking fantastic
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    real music

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    real music

    this is what we are arguing with. this. also, it's go time Afghan Whigs, Apparat, Belly, Big Star, Chromatics, The Cure, Dandi Wind, Deepchord Presents Echospace, Efdemin, Elevator, Ellen Allien, Eric's Trip, Eugenius, The Faint, Fairport Convention, Fleetwood Mac, Glass Candy, Jane vs...
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    real music

    1 Down 893 2 Lamb of God 822 3 Slayer 377 4 Static-X 237 5 Megadeth 236 6 Kreator 229 7 Pantera 212 8 Testament 210 9 DevilDriver 209 10 Rob Zombie 194 11 Dethklok 185 12...
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    Homebake 2008

    mrlk all their music is junk fucking cut that there's no stems tbh
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    real music

    yeah man dimebag rules
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    Homebake 2008

    because of course the potbelleez are fucking quality from start to finish.
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    Who has done the best cover of a song?

    too bad the song itself is shit the breeders - happiness is a warm gun (originally by the beatles) big star - femme fatale (originally by the velvet underground & nico) meg baird - the waltze of the tennis players (originally by fraser & debolt) tindersticks - here (originally by pavement)
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    Homebake 2008

    the fact that you bolded pnau and not died pretty or little red means you basically suck hulking dicks.
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    Drafts completed?

    lols, only done 4k whatever i am brilliant
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    your current favourite song

    amazingly shit OH sixpence none the richer - kiss me so pretty, too bad everything else they did sucked