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    General thoughts on design & tech exam

    Just wondering how everyone found the exam , whether it was easy or hard ? And how well they thought they went :haha:
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    Thank god English is over
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    Overall I'm very happy with the tests structure ..... My creative writing was well suited to number 2 (I recall) I did the best I possibly could But tmrw is the big test 3 essays in 2 hours .... In paper one you can compensate for time as you can cut short your creative writing But...
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    plz help

    hi good luck to all just wondering if anyone could help with my 'Frankenstein and blade Runner' essay i am just wondering, how should i study my previous essays....... should i memorise?? should i write down a grid for the main ideas being conveyed??? plz help hsc is in 4 days thanks