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    Should i post my essays on here after HSC?

    I actually enjoyed English tbh, i didn't at first, but it allowed me to construct my own opinions and express them in a more direct and clear way. Now that im out of school, the topics of 'discovery' and 'change' are really hitting hard so in a way english kinda prepared me for the real world...
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    Should i post my essays on here after HSC?

    Been almost a year and... i lost my hard drive which had all my essays on it. Feelsbad
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    Is Standard English really an Atar killer and should i do advance instead?

    Hey bro, i got over 80 ATAR with English Standard. Honestly, do subjects your interested in and willing to put work. If you dont enjoy Shakespeare, i'd recommend standard over advance
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    Would you guys be interested in hearing my B6 performances?

    So i did my music HSC last year and got 91/100, i dont know how i even got B6 cause my performances were really bad tbh. Anyways, i just found a recording of it and am wondering if you'll be interested in hearing it. You can use it to evaluate whats needed to get B6 or get an idea what B6 sounds...
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    Exam Thoughts

    This was my last HSC exam, closing all my google tabs and files feel so nice
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    Post all your hsc exam questions here!!!

    Hey do you guys do Programming Paradigms? I see this question alot 'Discuss the suitability of the logic paradigm and the object oriented paradigm for developing this application' Where you are usually given a vague question about suggestions and recommendations. Just wondering how you guys...
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    Post-HSC Bucket List

    This may sound stupid, but im gonna try get that 4 kill/death ratio on fortnite. I dropped fortnite to focus on the HSC and its been 2 months now, just 1 more exam
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    Help with probability

    Im finding it hard to understand this question, pls help :D Kim and Mel play a simple game using a spinner marked with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The game consists of each player spinning the spinner once. Each of the five numbers is equally likely to occur. The player who obtains the...
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    Parametrics question

    Thx for your working out :D, tho i lost track of whats going on in part ii) can you help me understand?
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    What is a B6 or E4 cutoff?

    Was reading the forum and first time hearing it Thanks
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    URGENT! Need help with probability question

    Holy crap, this just changed how i see binomial, so just tested 1 - (P(No faults) + (1 fault)) P(No faults) = (97/100)^3 P(Exactly 1 fault) = 3C1*(3/100)*(97/100)^2 and it worked, thank you good sir
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    2U Maths Exam Thoughts

    For the financial part in Q16, it used the same concept as the financial in 2014, so proving it wasnt so bad. I just REALLY lucky i studied it on the bus to school. My mistake was spending so much time on the easy questions that i didnt have enough time for the harders one in Q14-15. Probably...
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    URGENT! Need help with probability question

    Thank god if someone replies as HSC math is within a few hours -If 3% of coins produced are faulty, what is the probability that a sample of 3 coins taken from the production line will have atleast two faulty coins I keep getting the quesiton wrong Ans = 1323/500000 (I think thats the...
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    Music 1 Exam Thoughts

    The questions were easy but the pieces were too lit so i couldnt concentrate lol
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    What happens if we forgot to add the provided stimulus or quote into our creative?

    I could of easily added the quote into my creative but i was so focused on writing i forgot to look back at the question sheet, will i get a zero?
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    HOLY!! I was having a internal metltdown because i forgot to add the quote, how bad of an offence is this? Will i get a zero for my creative? Is this the end cause im so dead inside rn
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    Roll Call: Class of 2018

    Hello Current doing Mathematics, MX1, Physics, SDD, English Standard and Music 1 Hoping for anything but a mystery mark
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    Tips for unseen text?

    What are your strategies when answering these questions? I find myself memorising words or phrases because they are so adaptable such as 'The usage of first person instigates an intimate reader-author relationship. Consequently this resonates the reader's feeling with the author' since there...
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    Polynomial Division + Other question help

    Yikes, my bad, fixed it, Q3 should of been equal to 0 For question 2, i derived it but not sure how to get an answer out of it Thx
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    Polynomial Division + Other question help

    1. When the polynomial P(x) is divided by (x+1)(x-2) its remainder is 18x+17. What is the remainder when P(x) is divided by (x-2)? Ans = 51 2. If a>0 and the function f(x) = ax^3 + bx^2 + cx + d is always increasing, what is the condition on a, b and c? a)(b^2)-ac<0 b)(b^2)-2ac<0 c)(b^2)-3ac<0...