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    Well Is It What U Expected?

    you know what was awesome about that exam (apart from the fact that it was my last one) was the fact that we had studied that robert smithson one in class. that exact one! what a relief going into it and opening the paper to see that. it calmed my nerves. i didnt get into art expres (a...
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    Length contraction???

    ahhh, this is so confusing because people who put 0.3 are CONVINCED THEY ARE RIGHT and the people who put .192 ARE CONVINCED THEY ARE RIGHT i originally put the answer as .192 because if you use the same thingos for Lo and Lv as u did for the mass dillation you got the answer of .192 cos...
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    4 Unit Maths

    yeah, im doing 4 unit and it is pretty challenging for me. but the people i know, including my twin brother would probably get into 4 unit and just go "fuck that! what the hell do you mean you can have a negative square root?" and walk out. 3 unit is pretty good, but four unit im not aiming...
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    Art Express 2007

    its the same at our school too...usually the internal mark is not far off (but not always exactly) the actual mark. our school had four people mark them to try to find the fairest mark.....
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    Markers compare?

    hey, yeah i agree with you too. i could swear that last years artexpress had a work that wasa series of photos that completely just used images from a garbage film clip or something. there was shirley manson there im sure of it. i got rly cut when i saw it. it was at newcastle gallery too...
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    B.O.w done!

    our school handed our BOW's in today!!! it is a relief to get them done with. i will be glad to see them go into storage. if i kept looking at them i would go insane trying to pick at things that i didnt like........ its over, until HSC markers come to our school to mark them. scarry. i...
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    Discussion of concepts

    hey yeah that sounds cool. im a massive fan of mars volta hendrix and floyd. i would be interested to see your interpretations, are you going off the cover art or completely your own reckonings? a few people in my class are doing music, a girl is including jeff buckley, among others and...
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    Research Project

    bahahahaa browny!!! it might be a ltitle late to start searching on the internet for answers unless u already know what to write about... its not really a hard topic, i found that i worked out which topics im gonna write about and then go backwards for the theory that best suits them. (but...
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    Discussion of concepts

    thats pretty full on....ppls other than u having sex in ur bed and u took photos?????? thats hot
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    Discussion of concepts

    is it radiohead???? cos that would be cool. actually i saw a guy in artexpress one year who did his work based on "street spirit".....champion.
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    Placebo gig

    i got my tix this morning! im going with my GF and a mate. i cant f*cking wait! i havent been to the hordern before, its meant to be a good venue isnt it?
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    Med Science or Science?

    im having the same quandry as sweetie here...i live in newcastle, so my first choice is UNCLE, but i dont have a clue if i will like med more than biomed, or sci, or even possibly nuclear medicine? anyone doing any of those and can tell me about them????????????????????????
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    VA Exam Date + Time, from the Preliminary HSC Exam Timetable

    salsa/latino dancing? that is something my parents would be up for......
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    VA Exam Date + Time, from the Preliminary HSC Exam Timetable

    hahahahahhahahahaa thats so funny chemistry is on the same line as art at my school i dropped chem in the second week for art! best thing i ever coming first in art!
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    Retreat From The Global

    hey, yeah that sound like a good idea. i should do that. i have done it for one text, but i still need to do it for three others.............. cos it is all so much fun u guys
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    Retreat From The Global

    yeah trial hsc is coming up....its gonna be tough im trying to sort out my texts of own choosing right now. i will probably use the mosquito coast and fight club...........but im not sure about the later one. any hints helpful ideas etc...?
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    VA Exam Date + Time, from the Preliminary HSC Exam Timetable

    it's my last assesssment too i will be in town too!!!
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    Retreat From The Global

    problem is that we dont know if we are a smart class. almost every year for ext 1 a different teacher teaches a different topic. i figured that i should beat her NOW and then in the HSC when my rank is better than hers i would get her to do really well, therefore i do better.....i like my logic
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    Retreat From The Global

    well, that assessment is over and done with, we havent got our marks yet bcos our teacher has not been at school for like a thousand days. i wanto know what i got!!!! .....meanwhile, mikhaila has been informed that she blitzed it by the theacher and im gonna take credit for it too. she...