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    comparative "hardness"

    my teacher reckons its the hardest 4u paper they've asked in a long time (cept for 2000 which was meant to be similar possibly harder). the only other paper i know of that was heaps harder was 93. oh god. i woulda been lucky to pass that one. has anyone seen it?! its inSANE? i couldn't even...
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    am i screwed?????

    hey, if u got 50% in THIS 4u paper, the aligned marks will go to 75 at least (prob over 80, but i dont wanna get ur hopes up too much) . that'll get scaled up to about 86/87 possibly more. so ull be fine. dont stress ok. 4u scaling is the god of all scaling.
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    raw marks

    oh dear god. 112? are you the guy who's top of syd boys high? yeish. i am like looking at 70-75/120. dear god. i seriously shouda done sooooooooooooooo much better. oh well. back to chem study. l8r all
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    Am I The Only One Who Found That Hard??!

    oh man, dont worry. it was the hardest paper they've asked in a long time. i did 2001 and 2002 papers and i got over 70% in both and could actually do a decent amount in Q7 and 8. where-as this year i couldn't do question 8 at all really cept the expansion, and the last part of 7 was a bit of a...