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    Entertainment Industry Exam

    What'd you all think of the exam? :)
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    Music 1

    Unity and Contrast I love! It's sort of opinion based to some extent I suppose which is probably why I liked it and not the first question which was specific of one concept. In unity and contrast I always just think of all the concepts and what you can hear. The repetition creates familiarity...
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    The logic behind having rank orders and internal marks affect your hsc..

    If you do a TVET course, your marks are 100% based upon the HSC exam. It definitely increases stress levels like crazy and while I don't particularly like the system now, it is definitely better than having the HSC exam count for 100% of your final marks.
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    Music 1 This is another one of the songs from today, think it was the last one? Haha can't even remember. I thought the exam was good to be honest, I was happy :) Except for the first question... ha.