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    2008 PHYSICS HSC Paper/thoughts?

    In terms of difficulty i didnt find the paper too bad. I made a few stupid mistakes in multi, but such is life. Overall though, calling the material that this exam tested "physics" is really a misrepresentation. We had a 6 mark question on whether scientists are "influenced by external...
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    2008 PHYSICS HSC Paper/thoughts?

    imo 15 is definitely b. Hole flow occurs in the valence band. I cannot understand how hole flow could occur in the conduction band. Success One physics seem also tobe under the misguided impression that hole flow occurs in the conduction band, but I'm quite sure that it's wrong. Can anyone...
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    The current fiscal stance of Australian government?

    With the $10.4 bn stimulus package, I guess this means the surplus is now halved?! What does this mean for the grand 'Building Australia Fund', 'Education Investment Fund' and 'Health and Hospitals Fund'?
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    Raw marks?

    What sought of raw marks would one need to get a band 6 in chem? Furthermore, what raw mark would they need to get a mid band 6 (94-95)? Cheers.
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    The subject I hate most is ...

    English. It it the most inconsistently marked subject in the hsc. Students are basically assessed on who can act the most skytsofrenic on paper - perhaps the bored of studies should NOT ONLY have paper 1 and paper 2, but also include an interview with the student to fully assess their level of...
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    Raw marks?

    what's the minimum to get a band 6 usually?
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    [B]KEY AUSTRALIAN INDICATORS [/B] Latest Date 12 months ago Economic growth 4.4% Mar 08 2.7% Unemployment 4.3% Jul 08 4.3% Participation rate 65.3% Jul 08 65.0% Inflation (CPI) 4.5% Jul 08 2.1% Underlying Inflation 4.4% Jul 08 2.8% Wage price index +4.2% Jun 08...
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    Umat Results!

    s1: 63 s2: 66 s3: 43 Overall score was 57, which was 87th percentile. Im not really stoked tbh, but was enough for me to scrape in with a unsw offer. my pedicted uai was 99. didnt do any prep courses.
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    If English was not compulsory...

    I would not count English. I almost do my head in trying to study for it. Anyways, while we're on the topic of English, you've failed to use the subjunctive in the title for this thread. :p It would be correctly written "If English were not compulsory". ;)
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    2008 CSSA Trial paper.

    it was the fibonnaci sequence one. it was only worth three marks (imo it was a fair bit of hard work for just 3 marks). then there was a 4 mark limit after it.
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    2008 CSSA Trial paper.

    Re: CSSA 4 unit paper it wasn't too bad i didn't get the circle geom, polys with a & b coefficients, the first inequalities one, soem of the ellipse, the limits one after the induction, & last part of q8. overall i think maybe about 75%? it didn't seem as bad as last years was. What was the...
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    Maths Extension 2 Trial Exam thoughts- 2008

    Apparently the cssa trial this year is a bit easier because it's not set by denise & graham this time
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    Circle geometry

    yeah, as others have suggested, i reckon that solving the problem on the diagram before you start writing anything down is a must-do if you want your final solution to make sense. the converse theorems seem to come up a fair bit in 4u exams, so making sure you know them well would be useful...
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    Why Shouldnt You Work Out Your Whole Body At Once?

    cooking the egg means your body will absorb much more of the egg protein. It also eliminates the risk of contracting salmonella. On the other side of the argument, Rocky drinks raw eggs.
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    Your Opinion On The budget ....

    The 2008-09 Budget is definitely contractionary, since the surplus has increased as a proportion of real GDP (from about 1.5% of GDP to 1.8%). I believe that the question Lordsion might have intended to ask is " do you think the Budget will have a stimulatory effect on the economy or not?"...
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    Trig Integration

    lol If you're forgetting your trig identities then you are buckley's chance of remembering how to integrate by parts.
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    binomial prob. qn

    i dont get what you mean. what has choos ing the kids got to do with it?
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    binomial prob. qn

    gday i've got a question regarding binomial probability from Fitzpatrick ex 29(b), Q8. The question is: A dental inspector finds that about 20 % of children of a certain area have tooth decay. What is the probability that out of the 6 children examined, only the first, third and fifth have...
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    Need Help With Current Account! This link is to a 2002 rba bulletin, which gives some interesting info that would help you in arguing Australia's foreign debt isn't much of a problem. I remember reading a Gittins article quite a while ago as well...
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    diagram of arg(z-1)=2argz

    if mod z = 1(or any other constant for that matter), then to prove that arg (z-1)=2argz you first draw the unit circle in the Argand diagram. The vector representing z-1 is the line drawn from 1 to any point on the unit circle, while the vector representing z is the line drawn from 0 to the...