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    social change?

    Penticostalism I said increase in Penticostalism as people become disilusioned with taditional denominations. also they want a more active denomination in these "troubled times" ....really had no idea
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    Unusally Hard?

    Did no-one else think that was a pretty hard exam? compared to the past years? I know almost everyone at my school did. The multiple choice was fine and the essay was fine, for women anyway. But the short answers, i mean...whoa...seriously. they were very left field. what did they mean by...
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    Economic essays...

    Bit late now....but as someone esle said external stability was one of the 2001 questions so it has come up before: "Discuss policy options the Aust Govt can use to achieve external stability" hmmmmmmmm....
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    Q9b - Acceleration-time graph

    i got 9(b)i t=2 and 9(b)ii t=3 I did it by drawing the velocity and displacement graphs. The velocity graph is max at 2 The displacement graoh is at max at 3 Dont know if this is right
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    Micro + CAD

    “Overall, microeconomic reform is not likely to have significant effect on the CAD.” Comment. What do you think?
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    Current Gini Coefficent

    I can find info on what the gini coefficent was in 1999 etc, but what does it currently stand at, any ideas?
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    Distribution of Wealth?

    I have a short answer assesment at the moment and one of the questions is..."Why is the distribution of wealth less equal than the distribution of income?" I have talked about the notion of inheretance and that wealth is not taxed but i hear there is some theory that applies to this. Does anyone...
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    hahah wat on earth are you on about?? trials are internal assesments and we are compared only to how does it affect anyone else??if anyone it affects us cos we have less time to prepare!!!! hahaha which sucks coswe havehad assesments all up till now.BUT....whilst u guys are...
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    is n e 1 doing spirited away and alice in wonderland 4 imaginative journeys??

    Alice I did alice in wonderland for a related material assignment but i dropped it cos i was doing the picture book and was doing too many visual texts and cos my teacher said it was a bit...soft...or not enough depth. but i think there is!!! loads of techniques...if u want what i wrote on it...
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    Have my English (AOS) trial on Tuesday! Just wondering if anyonehas any last minute tips for study or exam stratagies. Like, do u reckon any order is best? or just comp, story and essay? Feedback would be great! Anyone else doing trials?
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    I have my economics trial on Tuesday (and English!!) and just wondering if anyone has any last minute exam stratagies or tips for me? I am having trouble doing practcie papers, cos we do our trials earlier than most and so havent learnt all of topics 3 and 4 and so i cant do the papers as an...