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  1. J

    what can i hope for- improving performance

    That was.. the GAYEST question ever.. :burn:and judging by the fact, going off what you guys are saying, i wrote ENTIRELY the wrong thing.. hence.. resulting.. in a ZERO OUT OF FIFTEEN for that section.. stab meeee. The core's i killed though. :)
  2. J

    thoughts on Rome?

    Someone Stab Me. I bombed out on Ancient. Caesar killed me.. I'm like.. "Gallic War? He was IN THAT?" .. His reforms, easy, it was a 10 marker right? I think i came up with 11, to be sure.. but man, the 15marker.. completly lost to me.. The FOTRR Q tho, picked the outbreak of the civil war...
  3. J

    Retreating from retreat from the global.

    No way mate, this RFTG topic was Awesome.:)It was so easy to grasp, and even fairly simple to throw in something about Post Modernism once you got the hang of it.. I found it much better then any of the Adv modules.. the creative stimulus was brilliant, i wrote, possibly, one of my best...