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    Access Melbourne Question

    Is this the full list of "under-represented schools"? That is the only category I fall into for 'access melbourne' but my school isn't there cause I'm from nsw. Does that mean I won't be eligible for that category at all, because my school is recognised as "disadvantaged" by uac.
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    Which UNSW engineering course should I pursue?

    Hello, with an ATAR if 94.05 (excluding bonus points) I managed to get guaranteed entry offers from UNSW for Engineering (Hons)/Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Engineering (Hons) / Master of Biomedical Engineering. However I am unsure of which to choose. They both are...
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    Tutor Expectations?

    Hi, I've just finished my HSC and am expecting a 90+ ATAR (knock on wood). I want to start applying to tutoring institutions to work as a maths tutor for Year 7-10 once I get my ATAR however I'm somewhat unsure about it. If I get the job hypothetically, what should I be expecting? Things like...
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    Co-op School Assessments Page

    Hey guys do any of you know what the SAP entails. Like my careers adviser "filled it out" but what did she have to write about me and what does it have to do with my supporting documentation if I am still required to bring that to the interview (if I get one hopefully).
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    Coop program

    Hi I'm applying for the coop scholarship and looking at the application there is an entire section for your marks in both year 11 and 12. I failed almost everything in year 11 but significantly improved to year 12 (still just above average tho) so are my chances of getting in limited. Also...
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    Engineering salaries ???

    I know that engineering is a very safe occupation. However I was looking at a government publication and I noticed that Chemical and Materials Science Engineering professionals get paid only $$$ out of $$$$$ which translates to $1081 to $1300 pw. But according to the Engineering Australia...
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    Discipline to do with Biomedical Engineering ??

    Hey guys. Not sure if this was posted before but I was researching for an hour and still couldn't find a solution to my dilemma. Basically I'm interested in the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) w/ Masters of Biomed but I know for the first 3-4 years you have to do another discipline of engineering...
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    Latin Continuers/Extension Course Questions?

    Hey guys I have a few questions about the Latin Continuers/Extension course: 1) Do the people who do Latin know it beforehand or do they know absolutely nothing about it and learn all of the grammar/vocabulary/punctuation and what not when they're doing it. What I'm trying to say is do most...
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    optometry options

    Hey guys I was just wondering if you could do unsw optometry through usyd science (adv). Like is there any way to do 3 years of adv science at usyd then transfer to unsw and major in vision science. I'm in Year 12 and want to pursue optometry and really confused. thanks in advance...