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    It is compulsory to attend the enrolement session?

    I accepted my offer at UTS...but i'm hoping to get my 1st preference at USYD in the 2nd round.. do i have to attend this enrolment session thing?? it's like next week..and the 2nd round offers are not out by then..plz help!! thanks
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    What do i do if i didn't make my first preference?!!

    I think i got my 5th preference ..and i don't really like it What happens if i accept this one...will my 1st preference course be still considered?? can i change my course if i get an offer in the feb and final round?? plz help!!
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    Anyone still waiting...?

    oh good..i thought i was the only one who couldn't access that stupid server i might just check it tomorrow morning
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    UAC offers open NOW!

    Am i the only one that can't access the site?? it keeps on saying there is error on the page..
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    Can i still get into sydney uni??

    Does anyone know if health science course is popular?? i got UAI 77 and last year cut off 81 i searched the course again on UAC site and it said 78 so even if it'a 81..can i still get in??
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    Can i change my course preference now..??

    hey so the online UAC edit thing is the correct way to change it??
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    Can i change my course preference now..??

    How do i change my course preference..i got lower uai :( where do i go?? i went to UAC online thing..and i edited it..but it seems weird..would UAC notice the changes i made online?? plz help and another question if i'm like 4 marks below the required ATAR course do i have 0% chance of...
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    2009 HSC School Rankings

    omg..dropped 10 places..haha
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    does the SAM calculator give ATAR?

    I checked SAM standard and it said UAI so for example if i get 87 would my actual ATAR be higher than that?? and another question is cut offs for courses in the UAC 2010 relevant to 09ers?? i know we get em tomorrow but i'm just curious.. thanks
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    How accurate are SAM/UMAX?

    UMAX is giving me a higher ATAR i hope UMAX is more correct
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    Life after hsc

    sleep eat tv computer out it's so hard to find a job these days
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    ATAR guessing Game

    guessing 65~75
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    Q14, mc

    it's punctuated equilibrium because there was a rapid change If it was divergent evolution, there would have to be more than 1 species?? anyway i think it's punctuated
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    Anyone who did Julius Caesar..look please

    my argument was shakespear's deliberate use of characters and language techniques..i know it's not right but that's the only thing i could think of because i didnt understand the question
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    General Thoughts: Economics

    tranfer payments are actually non discretionary if the economy goes into a recession, the government would hand out its money?? just like the 900 dollar thing he gave out+ all other benefits due to 2008 credit crunch something like taxation would be discretionary
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    11 is A i think i checked the textbook and appreciation says imports are less expensive and an improvement in australia's international competitiveness answe is A????
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    Section II - Short Answer

    advantage is that increase in interest rates leads to high inflation which attracts foreign investment from sepeculators therefore it creates employment oppourtunities+technology and disadvantage is that low inflation=depreciation where the imports are expensive blah blah am i right?
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    Sections III, IV - Extended Response

    chose microeconomic..a really good general question except i didn't understand the statstics,,why the hell did they include UN and OECD and the macoecnomoic policies were the exact question that i prepared for so i liked it
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    harder than last year wasted so much time on this section couple of questions had really 2 really similar answers..i could not choose ARGHHHH
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    Communication Option

    uhh similar except i didn'y talk about hammer or anvil WHAT R THOSE? i talked about basiliar menberance flexing and ear drum stuff god i hate that last question you wrote a lot of D i) part it's only 1 marker isn't it?