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    Is medical science and biomedical course the same?

    The medical science degree is much more structured than a regular BSci... saying that you can do the EXACT same subjects in both degrees. Im not sure if ANU offers a biomedics degree but you could easily tailor a BSci to that.
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    Is medical science course for ANU closed for year 12s in 2015 or just for the 2014

    Re: Is medical science course for ANU closed for year 12s in 2015 or just for the 201 Its closed for 2014 year 12s because they cant get late round offers. It will open for you after the offer rounds are done for 2014 yr 12s. ANU courses begin in feb each year.
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    What do I need to get a 98+ ATAR with these subjects?

    my marks were Adv maths 93 Bio 90 (exam 92 assessment 87) Eng 90 German 96 Italian 97 so similar except bio/chem and italian/eco? haha but yeah my ATAR was 98.35
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    Anyone at john xxiii

    no clue, sorry :( will you be at johns this year?
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    Take undergraduate medicine or aim for postgraduate?

    Did you redo the UMAT in your 2nd year to get an offer at Newcastle? Im looking to do the same thing but I haven't done the UMAT so I will need to do it this year (1st year uni).
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    Didn't get my first preference, am now stuck at UniLodge. Am I doomed?

    sorry you didn't get johns :( I think the best thing to do at this point would be to accept the offer as you may not get another one? If you're from the ACT its probably a different story but if you're coming interstate i would want to secure accommodation if possible. Unilodge isn't that far...
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    Anyone at john xxiii

    I got it straight after my UAC offer! Like 30 mins after max Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone at john xxiii

    Im heading to ANU this year and will be living at johns, if you are too please send me a message!
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    ANU Roll Call 2015

    Flexible double, languages/science and I will be living at Johns!
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    Accommodation stress

    Yep well hopefully we'll see each other there haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Accommodation stress

    How long ago did you apply? The colleges only just reopened this week so they have loads of applications to sort through! I don't really know, but I'd assume that because you've chosen catered they will try to keep you in a catered college (hopefully)! I agree about it being stressful, I've...
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    Did Anyone get an offer today?

    My first preference is a double flexible degree! The atar cut-off is 80 for what I want and my atar is over 98! Should i be worried that I won't receive an offer in the main round?
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    Did Anyone get an offer today?

    yep my cut-off is 80 so I was hoping for one but no luck!! Plus some colleges won't release offers until you're enrolled which doesn't leave a lot of time :( Its hard being so last minute, especially cause I'm coming down from sydney!
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    Did Anyone get an offer today?

    I didnt get one by does ANU make many early offers?
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    Jan 6th offers?

    Do you need to do anything to get an offer on Jan 6th or just have your preferences in?
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    BSci or BMedSci as undergrad?

    haha all good! I'm going down to do a double degree science/Languages which you cant do anywhere else! I got into med science (~93) or probs languages at sydney (98.5) with EAS but I really want to do them both! Plus I want the experience of moving away from home/interstate etc
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    Do HSC courses that will get you the highest ATAR as its very hard to get in! I wish I had known that before going into yr 11/12!!
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    BSci or BMedSci as undergrad?

    On the ANU website they say you have to do the bridging course, one year of regular science then apply to transfer into medSci! So annoying! I wonder whether its even worth doing - I feel like normal science would be sufficient and I can pick more medical based electives! I did yr 11 chem so I'm...
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    Did you have to apply to get an early jan offer? or is it just normal UAC?
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    BSci or BMedSci as undergrad?

    Wow thanks so much for your answer! I'll be heading down to ANU next year and they aren't too keen on letting me into med science without yr 12 chemistry :( I'm planning on coming back to syd for postgrad med though!