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    No more DFEE??

    hey...i think its actually better to have no DFEE places...that means more CSP places.. the cut-offs do not reflect how smart an individual is..or their attitude to is determined by the demand and supply of a course so we should not jump to the conclusion that just because you...
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    Im about to cry.....

    hello...i did the HSC last year..and was really hoping to get in..unfortunately..i got 97.25 which was insufficient to get a CSP ...i had DFEE offer..but its $33000 a year which is so unreasonable..i ended up crying wen i got my offer..just try to study the hardest u can... my marks to get my...
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    Thoughts On Hsc Results 2007

    hey for senior science i got 98- third in the state. lol did quite well considering i didnt study but thats only coz i did chemistry and biology
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    Exam Thoughts

    hey..i believe they arent forms of communication..i wrote things like the use of colour for mating...such as..peacocks of 4 types of cones, meaning that they can see in another dimension of colours than human can. they are used to communicate for males have colourful displays of...
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    Senior Science - Exam Thoughts

    hey..snr science exam had some tricky bits to pretty sure that for teh alveoli quesiton we werent meant to talk bout cohesion and adhesion, as the next question gave a hint, which was the they reduce surface tension by interfering with cohesion... i know i made 3 stupid...