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    Intro German A vs B

    Hey everyone, Im looking to take german as an elective in semester 2 and was wondering if german B is the same course as german A, just in semester 2, or if they are completely different courses? The intro german A course isnt available in semester 2 if I am correct, so what do?
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    2016 Sem 1 Timetables Thread

    I got BABS1201 and CHEM1031/1051 with you on tuesday and also CHEM1031/1051 on thursday and friday W E W E W L A D A D
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    Kickz Thread

    next level
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    What course you doing next year?

    Med Chem at UNSW family
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    Post your 2015 ATAR here!

    86.70 Good enough to get into my course so I aint complaining
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    Post your gaming setup

    most modern games i usually have to run on high, havent played much recently but it can run fallout 4 on ultra rarely falling below 30fps really cant hear the fans unless you put your ear up to it tho, id rather have a silent build than something flashy with a window and stuff that i can hear at...
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    Post your gaming setup

    dont have a good camera unfortunately, its a couple years old, but still plays most games on high-ultra settings at 1440p specs are: Intel i5-3570k @ 4.6GHz w/ Noctua NH-D14 Cooler AMD 7970 w/ Arctic Accelero 7970 Xtreme cooler MSI Z77 M-Power Motherboard Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD Seagate...
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    ISLAND JAM will be bringin' U18 Perth peeps island events

    quality advertising lmao fam
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    am I weird

    my dog told me that drugs and science go pretty well together, not that I would be encouraging that or anything :^) but in all seriousness, i find the HSC syllabus to be pretty lame tbh, ive actually just been reading some uni level chemistry, maths and physics textbooks and watching khan...
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    Electronic Dance Music

    got all the str8 bangers fam
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    Fiji 2015!

    better techno clubs in germany tho innit fam
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    D&T Exam Predictions

    nah cbf, just saying its much easier to get a higher mark than stuff other subjects
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    Fiji 2015!

    nah only going cus all my mates are going to fiji, if i wasnt gonna go to fiji then id probs go to germany or something and hit up the clubs
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    D&T Exam Predictions

    Its gonna be easy af lmao fam
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    Fiji 2015!

    Yeah fam, 1st week, shits gonna go off
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    Lol is anyone bored already?

    Get on the gear on go to the club with the lads tbh
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    Clarification on molar heat of combustion

    It is negative for an exothermic reaction to indicate it has lost energy into the surroundings, while it is positive for an endothermic indicating an gain of energy from the the surroundings the formula is always ΔH=-mCΔT as an increase in temperature (exothermic reaction) will give a negative...
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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    Re: HSC Physics - Exam Paper (download) All these seem to be correct, 17/20 for me, not too bad is there any chance someone would be able to do the calculation questions?
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    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    using my trusty 10 year old casio mfw can solve quadratics, cubics, 2 & 3 variable simultaneous equations and complex number calculations, yet is still board approved