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    Related Text - Science Fiction

    I'm stuck on this as well! My prescribed texts are Brave New World, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Dune... Blade Runner is a prescribed text for Advanced English - Module A Frankenstein & Blade Runner I used Gattaca and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind for my trial exam but I am changing as I...
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    Help Me out? Women in OK Egypt

    I'm doing Women in Old Kingdom Egypt for an assignment (speech) and i feel like i don't have enough information, even in my summary presentation Prezi. I also feel like i'm not going to enough detail, even though it has to be 5-7 minutes (not long!). Here's the link to my Prezi...
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    Help needed! Creative writing Science Fiction

    I'm writing a short story for my English Extension assessment task. Our topic is Science Fiction. If you have time can you please read through what i've written so far. I'm finding it difficult to think of anything and i ended up writing a 3000 word story (hadn't even finished) when i have to...
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    HSC HELP PLEASE - Assessment Task!

    Thanks everyone for the help! I just couldn't understand it, the holidays had turned my brain to jelly! I'm a Grade A student and top of my Ancient History class - definitely not dropping it! This is the first thing i got stuck on. Thankyou! :)
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    HSC HELP PLEASE - Assessment Task!

    I don't understand my assessment task at all! it's due in 3 weeks! It look like this: Ancient Society: Option A Society in Old Kingdom Egypt Dynasties III - VI Outcomes A student: * Describes and assesses the significance of key people, events, institutions, societies and sites within...